Can you stomach it? Five taquerias for tripe newbies and lovers alike

Have you ever passed by a street food stall and wondered what that golden brown meat simmering in oil in the large pan next to the warm tortillas and onions was? Perhaps the long line of customers, waiting patiently to smother their tacos in the variety of fresh salsas piqued your curiosity?

Los Cocuyos

Los Cocuyos may be one of the trendiest taquerias among Mexicans and foreigners alike, but the truth is that this Historic Center establishment had years of solid service behind it before Anthony Bourdain and Netflix made them world famous. The menu is a feast for lovers of offal, because here the surtido, a mixture of “a little bit of everything”, is the best you will find. Don’t be shy, give it a try. There’s head meat, snout, eye, cheek, and brains, but the tripe in particular is not to be missed. Open 24/7, this taqueria is a haven for any appetite.

Photo: Los Cocuyos

Bolívar 57, Centro Histórico, CDMX

T. 55 5518 4231

IG. @tacoscocuyos

Tacos Tony

A celebration of tacos de tripa stands at the intersection of Av. Universidad and Petén in the Narvarte neighborhood. Tacos Tony is an institution for many in the area, and an ideal starting place for those who are looking to try this specialty. The frying pan in which they prepare the tripe is monumental. Not just tasty, but they meet the three requirements for a top taqueria: good, cheap, and street.

Photo: Tacos Tony

Torres Adalid 1702, Narvarte Poniente, CDMX

T. 55 4226 3679

IG. @tacos_tony_oficial

El Torito

Tripe is prepared in two ways, one cooked in oil for long hours (like confit) to soften the tough but tasty meat (blandita), and the other golden (dorada), like chicharrón, exquisite in flavor and texture. At El Torito, they’ve to take things to the next level and offer a pseudo-blend between the two. After cutting the meat on a piece of wood and spooning it into a tortilla, they then fry the taco on the  griddle until it is semi-crispy. There aren’t many words in Spanish more apt than, “Me da otro, por favor” (Give me another one, please) to describe these tacos. Warning – they are big. It’s best to order one at a time so they can be enjoyed warm.

Photo: El Torito

Isabel La Católica 79, Centro Histórico, CDMX

T. 55 7417 1217

Tacos Don Ramiro

The Tepito neighborhood has a long history with this dish, with records showing it’s been served in its back streets and lanes since the early 20th century. Tacos Don Ramiro is an institution, a taqueria for those at advanced levels of taco eating. Known for their golden brown and super tasty tripe, it’s served alongside tepache (a beverage made from fermented pineapple rind), accompanying the tacos with glorious acidic notes.

Photo: Itzkalian Balderas

Rivero 109, Tepito, CDMX

Hermanos Luna

On a corner of Mixcoac, you’ll find Hermanos Luna, a taqueria of yesteryear, serving iced tepache (a beverage made from fermented pineapple rind) to accompany your tacos of choice. Among the variety of dishes is their famous tripe, which you can order as tacos but we recommend ordering it in gorditas to enjoy a new take on it.

Photo: El blog del gordo

Giotto 2A, Mixcoac, CDMX

T. 55 4982 0398

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