Uses and benefits of 5 spices you’re sure to already have in your kitchen

Rice pudding without cinnamon? Steak without salt and pepper? Pozole without oregano? None of these dishes would be what they are without their seasoning. But beyond bringing out the best tastes in our foods, these five spices have beneficial properties for our health as well.


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Who hasn’t cooked with garlic in their kitchen? The garlic plant is thought to have come from Central Asia, although today it is cultivated all over the world. It belongs to the same family as onion and leek. To take advantage of its many benefits, it is recommended eaten raw and crushed.

Properties: helps fight infections, antioxidant, blood pressure regulator, improves digestion.

Uses: soups, meats, pastas, sauces, bread.


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How delicious it is to have a cappuccino with cinnamon – not just for flavor but also for that pleasant aroma. This spice is obtained from the bark of cinnamon, a tree native to South Asia that can reach 15 meters in height.

Properties: antioxidant, source of iron, calcium, and fiber, aids digestion, regulates blood sugar levels.

Uses: pastries, coffee, yogurt, cereals, flavored water.


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The most common types of pepper (black, green, and white) come from the Piper nigrum species, native to India. It has the ability to be preserved for years. To obtain its benefits and best preserve the intensity of its flavor, buy peppercorns and use a grinder for fresh seasoning.

Properties: helps digestion, anti-inflammatory, liver protector, antibacterial.

Uses: sauces, meats, fish, stews, pasta.


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Oregano comes from a small bush no more than 50 cm tall. It originates from the Mediterranean region and Eurasia and is a part of the same family as mint. It’s an easy plant to grow because it is very resistant and requires little care.

Properties: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, prevents infection, helps digestion.

Uses: pasta, pizza, salad, chicken, baked potato, sauces.


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Vanilla comes from the pulp and seeds of a fruit that arises from a tropical orchid, typical of Mexico. It has a sweet taste and a delightful aroma.

Properties: tranquilizer, natural antibiotic, helps digestion, antioxidant, aphrodisiac.

Uses: confectionery, drinks, ice cream, milkshakes, coffee, flavoring.

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