Agar Agar Spaghetti. Yes, You Read That Right, Agar Agar

Now we come to a wild recipe indeed, one with the intention of reliving those feelings brought about by experimental cooking in childhood; getting messy and making the impossible become possible. That’s right, we all remember it: colored spaghetti.

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Before we go on, we should explain that agar agar is a jelly-like substance derived from an algae from Japan with the superpower of thickening liquids into a gelatin. Now that this is clear, let’s go to the kitchen, get our hands dirty and marvel at the process.

Approximate preparation time: between 20 and 25 minutes

Ingredients and utensils needed:

  • 2 pots
  • Ice (10 cubes)
  • 400 ml of water, for each pot
  • 400 g mint syrup (or any other syrup)
  • 2 g agar agar
  • 1 kitchen syringe
  • 1 food grade silicone tube (size depends on the thickness we want for our spaghetti)
Photo: © saquizeta via

How to make the magic:

  1. Into one pot pour the water, syrup, and agar agar, heat and dissolve well, taking care that the temperature stays above 80°C (176°F).
  2. Once the ingredients have been mixed well, turn off the heat and let it cool for a moment, taking care not to let it drop below 40°C (104°F).
  3. Pour water and ice into the other pot.
  4. Fit the silicone tube as if it were the silencer of a gun, with the plunger of the syringe so that we can pull the liquid up from the pot. Suck up the agar agar liquid until the entire tube is filled, remove the syringe, taking care to cover both ends of the tube. Place the tube in the pot with water and ice and wait at least one minute. Once the gelatin has set, fit the tube back onto the syringe with the plunger ready to fire, shoot and… voilà! We have our colored spaghetti.

This recipe is great, since any or almost any liquid food can be transformed into spaghetti, not to mention all the possible flavors and dyes to achieve a rainbow of colors, limited only by the mind of the chef. Start playing and have some fun!

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