Seasonal cooking, a beautiful thing

There exist small, nascent utopias, beautiful endeavors that improve and embellish our world, as is the case with seasonal cooking. Let’s take a look at it.

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In seasonal cooking, nothing is wasted and excellence is sought in all aspects. The intention is to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and to this end, one of its pillars is to reduce the use of animal products. No one can ignore the effects that the culture of meat consumption has on different levels, though this is not an attempt to denounce meat eating altogether, just excessive consumption of meat.

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Seasonal cooking, as the name implies, uses only seasonal ingredients, preferably those grown in their natural habitats, and it is much more inclined toward fruit, vegetables, legumes, and seeds that have been cultivated and harvested through traditional practices. It is a simple cuisine, whose greatness and bursts of flavor lie in its essence and quality, in the nature and harmony of its ingredients in conjunction with the creativity of the cook.

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It is a cuisine that has returned to the cycle of the Earth, to eating certain foods only at certain times. Each ingredient is authentic, oftentimes coming directly from a restaurant’s garden in a way that shows respect for the essence of the food. This is reflected in the energy of the dish, which becomes a work of art, a conversation between the cook and the land with the diner.

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In Mexico City, you can experience some seasonal cuisine at the following restaurants:

So, friends, now you know. And if this article has piqued your interest, go and eat! You can even begin experimenting with this culinary movement in your own kitchen, to share with friends and family and spread the gospel of seasonality.

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