Rainbow jello, a.k.a. the mysteries of childhood

As children, the world was full of mysteries. The elevator that magically transported you from one place to another, the escalators that never ceased coming out of the floor, the water that disappeared with a flush of a handle, where did it go? Even great aunt Mildred’s teeth were a mystery. I mean, they just fell out and new ones never grew back?

Photo: elglobo.com.mx

Jello easily belonged to this wondrous and mysterious category. A delicious treat that took on hundreds of shapes, danced as it moved, and came in any number of colors as if it were from another planet. What were we to think? It must have taken ages to craft such jiggling multicolored molds.

The enigmas of our childhood actually stay with us all our lives. We may discover their secrets only to bury them deep inside or forget them altogether. But when reminded of them, they bring about some enchantment at the knowledge remembered or the ability to explain them to the newly initiated. Only the purest among us can cling to their rapture and never know how the things that intrigued them work.

On this occasion, we reveal the secrets behind rainbow jello. The recipe is easy and, once you know how it’s made, you’ll realize how nice it is that someone took the time to create this little marvel.


  • Water
  • Jello in as many colors as you like
Photo: cocina.facilisimo.com


  1. Prepare all but one of the jello colors. Follow the steps on the box: water, powder, refrigeration. The more colors, the better.
  2. When they are ready, cut them into small squares or other shapes according to the design you like best.
  3. Stir the colored shapes together and place them in a bowl in which you have prepared the jello that was set aside and then refrigerate.
  4. Wait for it to set and your colorful rainbow jello is ready, like insects encased in amber, but edible and fun.

Did this reveal any of the mystery to you? I hope so. Do you remember how you thought rainbow jello came to exist? Do you remember any other mysteries from your childhood and how you explained them to yourself?

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