Four cuts of American pork beyond bacon and ribs that you can integrate into your restaurant menu

In the United States bacon is the most commonly served cut in restaurants, followed closely by ribs, the great protagonists of barbecue menus across the country. However, American pork is much more than just bacon and ribs. Here we present four different cuts that you can integrate into your restaurant’s kitchen to enrich your menu.

Pork loin

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The loin is a lean cut taken from the upper part next to the backbone and under the ribs of the animal. This cut is pure protein, as it contains very little fat. It is very handy for baked and braised preparations, or when you want a large dish to share among the table. In Mexican cuisine it can be easily integrated as the main ingredient in marinades and moles.

Pork loin head

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Not to be confused with the tenderloin, this piece also comes from the upper part of the pig, though much closer to the head of the animal. It contains a moderate amount of fat, so we can expect more juice and flavor. For this reason it goes very well with sauces. Think of a dish where we want the diner to clean the plate with a piece of bread and this cut will lead the way. 

T-bone steak

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Also known as pork tomahawk, the pork chop is an aesthetic cut for the plate. It is cut from the lower back of the pig. It works very well on the frying pan and is a good introduction to letting diners know that pork, when from reliable sources like American pork, can also be eaten medium.

Pork belly

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Although this is a cut that has been very fashionable in Mexican restaurants for the last ten or fifteen years, the possibilities for new presentations still exist. This cut of pork, which as its name indicates comes from the belly, has been welcomed by Mexican diners who are already familiar with it via carnitas tacos. The high fat content makes it ideal for baking, browning, or crumbling. It goes well with fresh vegetables and acidic sides that help balance its unctuous texture.

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