Oh La La! Back to the Origins with Natural Wines

In the realm of those enchanting bottled vintages familiar the world around, natural wines are those that, from vineyard to production, take care of each stage of the process to leave out any and all chemical additives, as well as any procedure that moves away from the artisanal and organic. From the start, fertilizers and chemical substances that affect the growth of the grape are avoided. Later in the cycle, sulfur, responsible for controlling the growth of bacteria or other micro-agents that can alter the taste, is avoided or used sparingly; the same for acids or yeasts. In other words, the less that is added, and the more that is produced from the grape itself, the better.

Photo: © Shironosov via Canva.com

Of course, the quality of natural wines will depend on the dedication, care, and absence of chemical intervention. But it is wine that is produced like it was before all the accelerated technological and scientific developments. It’s like drinking wine from the past, a form of time travel if you will, though much simpler. This is great news for lovers of organic, essential, artisanal, pure and natural processes and their resulting products. If you’re not near a big city with its fancy wine bars or if it’s your plan to retire to somewhere with more peace and quiet, you could make your own homemade wine, as natural as you want it. But for those here in the city seeking these same things, here’s a short list of places in Mexico City where you can taste a glass or a bottle of natural wines.

Loup Bar

An attractive option to try a natural wine paired with dishes of European and Asian influence. They mainly carry wines imported from Europe. Tonalá 23, Roma Norte.

Photo: Loup Bar


An engaging collection of natural wines served alongside seafood. Sinaloa 170, Roma Norte.

Photo: Sepia

Local 1

Passionate about natural wines from around the world, you can taste and learn a lot from them. Álvaro Obregón 228, Roma Norte.

Photo: Local 1


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