8 mezcal spots in Mexico City that will transport you to Oaxaca and beyond

Mezcal, from the emergence of the agave plant to its production and consumption, can take you on a journey through earth and fire, incorporating all the senses. It is the essence of this country, the history of its pueblos, and the result of years of care taken for the elements that come together in the creation of this distillate so representative of Mexico. For that reason, we share with you eight mezcal bars that will take you on a journey to the beautiful southern state of Oaxaca to taste the exquisite liquid worthy of pre-Hispanic gods.

Foto: ©Carisa Chirita's a través de Canva.com
Photo: ©Carisa Chirita’s via Canva.com

La Clandestina

A visit to this essential mezcal establishment will clarify any confusion on the matter, for “what you call love is actually mezcal.” Serving their own brand, they always showcase care and respect for the agave plant and the traditional processes involved in the creation of this ancestral liquid.

Photo: La Clandestina

D. Álvaro Obregón 298, Condesa, CDMX
T. 55 5212 1871
IG. @laclandestinamezcaleria

Tlecan Mezcal

Celebrating the origins and traditional production methods of mezcal through an “anti-brand” movement that involves purchasing all of its mezcals in bulk directly from artisan producers. Imbibers will find mezcal from every state of Mexico, even those that may not have a denomination of origin, but whose production has been ongoing for 400 years.

Photo: Tlecan

D. Álvaro Obregón 228, local 2, Roma Norte, CDMX
T. 55 1334 4745
IG. @Tlecan

El Palenquito

A palenque is the name for the place where mezcal is produced, so El Palenquito is a small extension of that here in Mexico City. The mission of this mezcalería is to “disseminate and defend the properties of mezcal.” Come for a taste and feel at home.

D. Álvaro Obregón 39, Roma Norte, CDMX
T. 55 5207 8617
IG. @elpalenquitomezcaleria

Los Danzantes

Since 1995, this restaurant has driven an elevation of consciousness around food and mezcal. Through their own brand, they exalt the traditions and cultural values of Mexico.

Photo: Los Danzantes

D. Parque Centenario 12, Coyoacán, CDMX
T. 55 4356 7185
IG. @losdanzantes

Corazón de Maguey

Known as the house of Alipús mezcal, with which they prepare a wide variety of cocktails.

Photo: Corazón de Maguey

D. Parque Centenario 9A, Coyoacán, CDMX
T. 55 7406 8199
IG. @corazondemaguey


Antolina is a tribute to the women in the kitchens of this country. Exquisite dishes from around Mexico are accompanied by handcrafted mezcals, wines and beers.

Photo: Antolina

D. Aguascalientes 232, Condesa, CDMX
T. 55 5211 6845
IG. @Antolina


Tlachiquero is a popular DJ bar that is also famous for its pulques and mezcals. In addition, they host cultural and social events, and always with an excellent musical selection.

Photo: Tlachiquero

D. Colima 5, local A, Roma Norte, CDMX
T. 55 6380 2746
IG. @Tlachiquero


A clandestine corner in the center of the city with a wide variety of artisanal mezcals and classic dishes from Oaxaca.

D. Luis Moya 31-local 2, Centro, Cuauhtémoc, CDMX
IG. @bosforomezcaleria

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