The best YouTube channels to help you prepare your New Year’s Eve dinner

Preparing a luxurious New Year’s Eve feast has become a commitment on our culinary calendars. If you are one of those who are taking their first steps in the kitchen and want to brave your first New Year’s Eve dinner, or simply want to impress your guests with some new recipes (and potentially practice/improve your Spanish), here are four of the most watched Spanish-language YouTube cooking channels featuring simple yet tasty, and even economical recipes.

Jauja Cocina Mexicana

Channel: Jauja Cocina

Life is abundance, so declares the Jauja Cocina Mexicana channel. Through YouTube, Janet Kushner, originally from Mexico City and currently a resident of Austin, Texas, guides her 7.82 million followers through exquisite Mexican recipes tracing a path of memories through Mexican kitchens, fonditas, and favorite food stalls.

Known as “the mom of YouTube,” Kushner is beloved among her viewers not only for her delicious dishes, but also for her easy going way of sharing them. Her calm and peaceful tone will help even newcomers to the kitchen achieve success.

For your New Year’s Eve dinner, try one of her most watched videos for this holiday, a recipe for marinated pork leg with bacon, almonds and plums in a spice marinade made from guajillo, ancho, and morita chilies.

Munchies Lab

Channel: Muchies Lab

For carne asada lovers, take a look at Muchies Lab, foodie Martín Rodríguez’s channel, which currently has over one million followers. This native of Monterrey began his enterprise in just 2019 and has since become an influencer within the sphere of la comida norteña, or food from the north of Mexico, where the art of a good asado (grill), with high-quality meats and spices is sacred.

Check out his recipe for picaña prime (rump steak) with garlic and rosemary butter for your New Year’s Eve dinner. You can serve it sliced or as sandwiches on rustic bread.


Channel: Kiwilimón

A success story in the kitchen and in business, Kiwilimón, founded by Mexicans Lorenza Ávila and Deborah Dana, has entered the hearts and homes of followers over the past 10 years and is now one of the most viewed Spanish-language recipe sites in the world.

Their venture began as an appeal to homemakers looking for recipes on the Internet and has now expanded to an audience of more than two million on their YouTube channel.

With year-end expenses on the minds of so many, Kiwilimón offers some great ideas for economical dinners that include the classic romeritos with mole and shrimp, apple glazed pork belly, and a no-oven whole orange chicken.

De mi Rancho a tu Cocina

Channel: De mi rancho a tu cocina

Finally, our list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Doña Angela and her channel De mi Rancho a tu Cocina (From My Ranch to Your Kitchen). Doña Ángela has gone viral on social networks from the wood-burning stove on her ranch in Michoacán, Mexico, and has surpassed even famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Martha Stewart in views.

Here, Doña Angela presents, as she calls it, a “little steak” in a sauce of serrano and arbol chilies and nopales (cactus).

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