Pet-friendly places to dine out with your pup

Author and canine psychology expert, Stanley Coren, affirms that “the biggest fear dogs have is that when you leave home without them, you won’t come back.” Their happiness comes from simple but significant things in life like being present, playing, eating, and resting. For them, a simple walk around the neighborhood is an adventure and they show their excitement the moment the departure is announced. If you have a dog, none of this is news to you. For that reason you will probably be interested in the following pet-friendly restaurants so you can keep sharing moments with your canine companion.


This terrace on the second floor of the Andaz hotel in Condesa is one of the most dog-friendly spaces in the city. You could say that it is a place designed for canines with some added amenities for humans. It even has a special menu for dogs that includes a hydrating chicken-flavored drink called “beer terrier.”

Aguascalientes 158-Piso 2, Condesa, Cuauhtémoc

T. 55 5977 1234

IG. @wooftopcondesa 

Desierto Norte

For those with pups who like a longer walk surrounded by nature, Desierto de los Leones is an excellent option to get away from the city for few hours and enjoy the clean air and tranquility of the forest. After a good hike, what could be better than a delicious lunch with your dog in this comfortable restaurant with outdoor tables?

Valle de las Monjas S/N, San Mateo Tlaltenango, Cuajimalpa de Morelos

IG. @desierto_norte 

Juana Juana

Located in the Roma-Condesa circuit, one of the busiest for dog walking, Juana Juana is an excellent stop after some dog socializing in the park. They serve breakfast all day, almost all their dishes include avocado, and, thanks to the design and distribution of the space, it will be a comfortable spot for your pup to relax. 

Monterrey 104, Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc

T. 55 6381 3057

IG. @juanajuana_mx 

Jardín Chapultepec

If your doggy outing includes plans for a meetup with friends and a couple of beers, Jardín Chapultepec is the place. Here you can relax at their outdoor tables while enjoying a burger, sandwich, or one of their vegetarian options, all without having to leave your pup at home. 

Chapultepec 398, Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc

IG. @jardinchapultepec 


Amantoli provides for the peaceful coexistence of humans and their canine friends in a tap room located in an old mansion in Condesa. They offer a wide variety of craft beers and an interesting selection of tepache, kombucha, and mead, in addition to their strong support of the independent beer movement.

Parque España 43, Condesa, Cuauhtémoc

T. 55 4003 2548

IG. @amantoli_tap_room 

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