The Wonders of Kiin Thai-Viet Eatery

What is Kiin Thai-Viet Eatery?

Those who have read my previous articles know that I have a special affection for Asian cuisine and this place never ceases to amaze me. Kiin Thai-Viet Eatery is one of two Mexico City restaurants from Chef Somsri Raksamran, along with Galanga (as well as the dark kitchen Pin-tó Thai). Both restaurants, as the name implies, serve traditional Vietnamese and Thai food.

Raksamran (or Ana, her chosen Western name) arrived in Mexico in 2010 and, although not strictly from a culinary background, she had inherited a wide variety of traditional recipes from her homeland and family while helping her mother in the kitchen. Those who have worked with the chef tell us that she is an extremely dedicated and caring person, not only with her cooking projects and her art, but also with all the people involved in them.

What does Kiin look like?

Kiin welcomes you with open arms.There’s a cozy dining room beside a plant-filled patio reminiscent of Victorian greenhouses for all of us plant freaks who have dreamed about that at some point, with a decor that harmoniously blends Asian elements with the urban architecture that houses the establishment.

How are the drinks?

Their cocktails (alcoholic and non) have deliciously delicate flavors combining unusual spices, made with fresh fruit and the best quality liquors. My favorite is the lychee and rose soda.

Kiin Thai-Viet Eatery coctel lychee rosas
Photo: Zoe Pupo

What can you order for a starter?

With so many tasty options, we recommend more than just one starter. In particular, the wings, pork stuffed steamed buns, and samosas are all worth sharing and sampling.

Kiin Thai-Viet Eatery samosas
Photo: Zoe Pupo

And do they have the iconic… pad thai?

Of course! And let me tell you, it’s going to be the best you’ve ever tasted. The consistency of the noodles is superb and the flavors perfectly spiced. But don’t let that keep you from trying any of the other main courses, which are also great, such as the aromatic green curry.

Kiin Thai-Viet Eatery pad thai
Photo: Zoe Pupo

And for dessert?

Likewise, there are many options, but the one that completely captivated me is the ice cream with brioche. Its beautiful blue color comes from Asian pigeonwing flowers (Clitoria ternatea). The brioche has a soft and fluffy consistency, and the presentation is absolutely a work of art.

Kiin Thai-Viet Eatery brioche helado azul flores
Photo: Kiin Thai-Viet Eatery

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