Festival Jazzbook 9. Vientos de Jazz

El Convite is a local favorite, known for its tasty food and casual atmosphere, where diners can enjoy listening to great musicians just a few feet from their table. It is also a place promoting culture from different fronts, such as the Jazzbook Festival, which will celebrate its ninth edition in November 2023.

What is Jazzbook?

Jazz El Convite
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There is something special about the way in which different art forms intertwine and serve as inspiration, nurturing other disciplines. Jazzbook celebrates the back and forth of jazz and literature. This festival began as a small section within the International Book Fair in Mexico City’s Zócalo. Over time, it has grown to include notable personalities in the Mexican jazz community, such as Héctor Infanzón, Enrique Neri, Iraida Noriega, Mark Aanderud, and Magos Herrera, to name a few.

Jazz El Convite
Photo: ©Instants a través de Canva.com

In collaboration with the editorial institution Fondo de Cultura Económica, there will be readings aloud of selected books, all by contemporary authors. Live illustration and music performed by leading jazz artists will accompany the readings. All presentations are free, suitable for all audiences, and begin at 19:00.


Wednesday, November 8
  • Yo Soy Fontanarrosa by Juan Villoro
  • Reading by the author
  • Music by Héctor Infanzón
  • Live illustration by Ricardo Peláez

Elena Garro Cultural Center

Wednesday, November 15
  • The Balek Scales by Heinrich Böll
  • Reading by Paulina Treviño and Mauricio Estrada
  • Music by Francisco Lelo de Larrea
  • Live illustration by Eko

Librería Daniel Cosío Villegas 

Wednesday, November 22
  • De cómo Guadalupe bajó a la montaña y todo lo demás by Ignacio Betancourt
  • Reading by Daniela Arroio Mardonio Carballo and Ernesto García
  • Music by Basasa

Librería Octavio Paz

Wednesday, November 29
  • Vaso de Leche, by Manuel Rojas
  • Reading by Daniel Muciño and Madeleine Sierra Carrascal
  • Music by Todd Clouser

Librería Rosario Castellanos

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