Happy Marzipan Day! 5 delicious original desserts and drinks made with this tasty sweet in Mexico City

The smooth and sweet consistency that is the outcome of combining sugar and peanut paste. So recognizable in its small round disk-shape. Nearly impossible to eat without it crumbling in our hands. I’m speaking, of course, about the Mexican style of marzipan. While popular here, its origins are actually Spanish, although theirs is made with almonds and is typically sold in bars rather than rounds.

Día del Mazapán mazapán mexicano
Photo: Gastrolab

But it’s not just Mexicans and Spanairds who have an affinity for this nutty treat. It’s a beloved confection around the world, and not just at Christmas time. In fact, January 12 is World Marzipan Day. To honor and celebrate this tasty sweet, we created a marzipan treasure map in Mexico City where you can find original desserts and drinks based around it.

Martini – Porfirio’s

Porfirio’s operates under the philosophy of reinterpreting the traditional flavors, textures, and aromas of Mexican cuisine in a fine dining setting. And one of the star drinks is the marzipan martini. This now classic cocktail inspired by the Mexican candy, is made with a base of Malibu rum, Frangelico, and marzipan flavoring.

martini de mazapán porfirios día del mazapán
Photo: @porfiriosrestaurante

Carajillo – Madre Café

Madre Café is already famous in the capital for their carajillos. So naturally, the menu has been stepped up to include the marzipan carajillo, made with Licor 43, marzipan Baileys, espresso, and condensed milk.

carajillo de mazapán Madre Café Día del Mazapán
Photo: @madre_cafe

Helado – Amor Casero

This artisan ice cream parlor, with several branches in the city and a headquarters in San Miguel Chapultepec, is famous for its marzipan ice cream. Using a homemade recipe from cream, it has an incredible texture and delicate flavor, making it one of Amor Casero’s best sellers.

helado de mazapán amor casero día del mazapán
Photo: @amorcasero

Old Fashioned – Rayo Cocktail Bar

Rayo Cocktail Bar, a standout on the 50 Best Discovery list worldwide, offers an old fashioned marzipan made by the hand of bartender Miguel Bolaños. This cocktail, somehow both sweet and dry, is made with Jack Daniel’s fat-washed whiskey, Amaro Averna, Drambuie, and orange bitters.

rayo cocktail bar old fashioned mazapán día del mazapán
Photo: @rayocdmx

Malteada – Dolce Cuore

The Dolce Cuore milkshake should undoubtedly be on the list of anyone who loves this tasty sweet. This dessert cafe in Coyoacán founded by Linda Torres and Jerry Vizcaíno, offers a near overdose of the crumbly sweet with ice cream, milk, whipped cream, marzipan, and peanut butter.

malteada de mazapán dolce cuore día del mazapán
Photo: Dolce Cuore

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