Do you dare? Five dishes in Mexico City that you may (not) want to try

Here at Guia Gastronomica, we are open to trying new things. Eating grasshoppers or snails may seem a little out of the ordinary for some, but it is par for the course these days when it comes to “exotic” cuisine. Once upon a time, they were considered extravagant, however, a curious palate will always be in search of new flavors and if you venture through the famous Mercado de San Juan in the Historic Center, you just might find one.


Would you dare to sample crocodile? It’s a versatile white meat that can be fried, grilled, or prepared for ceviche. Some diners have mentioned that its flavor is similar to pork. Curiously for the rough looking creatures, the cooking time is in fact very short, otherwise the meat becomes extremely tough.

carne de cocodrilo
Photo: Life and Style


If crocodile meat doesn’t suit your fancy, try lion meat from El Gran Cazador (The Great Hunter). This meat is the toughest of the exotic animals offered in the market and its flavor is similar to beef liver. Those who have tried prefer it as a hamburger.

Photo: El Gran Cazador


Who would have thought that this prehistoric being would be considered an aphrodisiac? Many of you might prefer to eat chocolate, but scorpion cured in mezcal and prepared in butter and a rich salsa macha with grasshoppers could be convinced they are eating a roasted chicken wing.

Photo: Cocina Delirante


Is it dangerous to eat a tarantula? How do you know if it is poisonous? While several of them are, you shouldn’t worry, by eliminating all the hairs, the toxicity is removed. The tarantula is then browned and marinated with lemon and mezcal. The consistency is viscous but with a flavor is similar to chicken.

comer tarántula
Photo: Chilango


This harmless organism generally has a bad reputation, but fortunately not everyone sees them this way. Eaten roasted or alive, they taste like garlic or blue cheese and have a high protein content.

Comer cucarachas
Photo: Publimetro

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