5 recommendations to cure that holiday hangover

Surviving a holiday season hangover is miserable for sure, but it is not without an antidote.With the right menu (preferably of Mexican food) you’ll recover, or for those brave enough, embrace the hair of the dog. How else could we get our strength back without that delicious plate of wood-fired barbacoa paired with a hearty consommé? Without that warm, healing chicken broth? Or a Sinaloa-style shrimp aguachile accompanied by a light beer and oysters? Lucky for you all these can be procured in the following spots.

Mi Compa Chava

Mi Compa Chava
Photo: Mi Compa Chava

How tempting does a ceviche with sea bass and scallops, raw and cooked shrimp, octopus, cucumber, and red onion sound? The Tripón ceviche is a must-try at Chef Salvador Orozco’s (a.k.a. El Gallo) marisquería Mi Compa Chava.

For seafood and hangover cures at this Roma establishment, we recommend the aguachile verde with fresh shrimp from Topolobampo, Sinaloa, or the snapper chicharroncito. As for the tostadas, you can’t go wrong with the Pinicuchi, layered with shrimp cured in chiltepín and serrano chilies, avocado, crispy shrimp, and mayonnaise.

And finally, don’t miss their classic Chava Cheve, a refreshing light beer served michelada-style with an aguachile’d oyster.

Zacatecas 172, Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc
T. 55 7838 5054
IG. @micompachava

Los 3 Reyes

Comidistas Barbacoa Los 3 Reyes
Photo: @comidistasmx

Some of the best barbacoa in the city undoubtedly comes from Los 3 Reyes. Patrons visit this restaurant to cure their heavy heads or even return to their previous state of inebriation. This 70-year-old family owned business, whose name is inspired by the three sons of founder Álvaro González, prepares their lamb wrapped in maguey stalks in handmade ovens heated over firewood.

You can order cuts of leg, loin, rib or blood sausage stewed with onions and peppers. And since there is no good barbacoa without a good consommé on the side, José González, one of Don Álvaro’s sons, boasts his unique recipe. In the center of the table, you’ll find all the handmade tortillas and salsas made from peanuts, chipotle, and sweet pasilla chilies you need, as well as a michelada, cubana or clamatada to wash it all down.

Pablo Veronés 12, Alfonso XIII, Álvaro Obregón
T. 55 8077 4537
IG. @barbacoalostresreyes

Caldos de gallina Luis

Caldos de Gallina Don Luis
Photo: @eatpraydeuce

Recognized by many as one of the best places in Mexico City to get chicken broth, this restaurant is a great option for those who need a quick hangover cure after a party in the Condesa or Roma neighborhoods.

Their generous portions include caldos (broths) – made from chicken breast, haunch, or gizzards – to the famous enchiladas with mole. And like any good Mexican restaurant, all of this is accompanied by a stack of fresh handmade tortillas. Caldos de Gallina Luis is open 24 hours and will soon open another Roma location at Orizaba 174.

Puebla 188, Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc
T. 55 6910 5044

Birria Don Chuy

Birria Don Chuy
Photo: Nathan Pelc

Don Chuy’s birria in Colonia Guerrero is already a Chilanga tradition to get you through a hangover. Open 24-7 year round, this 40-year-old family business offers a special goat meat birria recipe in a tomato and chili broth.

In addition to their specialty, they also offer quesadillas made with asadero cheese, birria and steak tacos, pozole, and consommé. One of the best ways to revive yourself at Don Chuy’s after a long night? With their special sauce made from fried garlic, chili, and oil.

Violeta 30, Guerrero, Cuauhtémoc

El Gran Rábano

El Gran Rábano
Photo: Uber Eats

In Mexico, we know that one of the best ways to get rid of a hangover is with a big bowl of pancita (also called menudo). In a locale tucked away next to the Portales market, El Gran Rábano is famous for its pancita. You can order it with various cuts from the ruminant stomach (callo, libro, cacarizo, cuajo, panza) including tender honeycomb tripe, or with pata (hoof) or surtida (mixed). The broth is seasoned with guajillo chili, mint, and epazote.

Operating since 1957, this spot is also known for its sopes, in particular the rib and pressed pork rinds. Don’t miss the mixiote, another specialty served as either a taco or a torta, or the chicken pozole. The list goes on and on…

Av. Víctor Hugo 72, Portales Norte, Benito Juárez
T. 55 6268 5034

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