Dampfnudeln: A German Dessert for the Heart

Who among us has not turned to food, and more specifically to desserts, as an effective way to stave off the gloom of a rainy day or a bad mood, or to pamper ourselves when we have worked hard and want to celebrate and reward our effort? Whether with a bar of chocolate from the corner shop, or a pastry from the local bakery, it’s all too easy to reach for the sweets when seeking comfort.

However, there are few things as satisfying as devouring a dessert you’ve made yourself. And I know that I can speak for many of our readers when I say that the process of combining ingredients, kneading dough, watching the alchemy that takes place, just as a composer combines sounds, chords, and tonalities, is an extremely joyful and fulfilling process, ending in pure satisfaction when we achieve the much-anticipated result. That is why I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite recipes – dampfnudeln. This traditional German-Austrian dessert, which literally translates to “steamed pasta”, is extremely easy to prepare and has a delicious taste and texture.


  • jam (strawberry or blackberry traditionally, but you can choose your favorite)
  • ¼ liter milk
  • 500g flour
  • 20g fresh yeast
  • 50g sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 egg
  • ¼ cup melted butter


  1. Mix together the dry ingredients (flour, yeast, salt, sugar)
  2. Next add the milk and egg and mix with your hands until you have a homogeneous mass of dough
  3. Cover with a cloth and let rest for one hour
  4. Then, divide the dough into 5 parts, cover again and let rest for another hour
  5. Once they have risen, flatten them slightly and add a generous spoonful of jam to the center each one, then close them up by joining the edges, as you would with mochi
  6. With five buns ready to go, heat a relatively deep frying pan with some butter and once it melts, place the dampfnudeln inside
  7. Cover and let fry for about 10 minutes

En teoría ya están listos… pero son una delicia cuando les agregas un aliño dulce por encima, como leche condensada, o un poco Enjoy a soft, warm dampfnudeln as is, or, if you crave additional comforts, you can dress it up with some condensed milk, or a sprinkling of powdered sugar like a New Orleans style beignet. Comfort yourself, your family, or a crush with this simple sweet treat.

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