Craft beer trends

Beer is a beverage that has accompanied humankind for millennia. Records of its concoction and consumption date back to Sumerian times and it was even part of the daily food ration given to the builders of the pyramids in Egypt.

cerveza egipcios
Photo: El Español

The 21st century has seen a boom in the craft beer industry and countless brands have emerged from every corner of the globe with their own styles and ingredients. This is no doubt something all beer fans can celebrate, as it keeps the craft movement interesting with different types of beer produced seasonally and leading to new trends, a few which we’d like to mention here.

Rosé beer

beer rosé tendencias en cerveza artesanal
Photo: Del Grano a la Copa

As you can guess from the name, this beer is similar to rosé wine since it shares some of the same elements. Some brewers incorporate wine grapes in the creation process, macerating them with the grains of the beer, while others use hibiscus, raspberry, and even Champagne yeast. These elements add acidity and color.

Non-alcoholic craft beer

cerveza sin alcohol tendencias artesanal
Photo: La Vanguardia

Non-alcoholic beer in general has suffered from a bad reputation for its unconvincing taste, too distant from the original yet too complex to be a soft drink. However, advances in the brewing process have made it a more palatable option for those who don’t wish to consume alcohol. Currently, there are artisanal varieties like IPA that are brewed just as they would normally be,  but once finished, the alcohol content is extracted.

Beers with CBD

cervezas con cbd tendencias artesanal
Photo: Cucinare

As if a cold, frosty mug wasn’t soothing enough, there are now beers infused with this cannabis derivative, which doesn’t have any psychoactive effects, but acts as a muscle relaxant and an anti-inflammatory. 


cerveza sour tendencias artesanal
Photo: Loopulo

For palates that prefer a bit more complexity, sours are a good choice, and the variety within this category has expanded a lot recently. The sour process involves bacteria that, in controlled quantities, relies on fermentation and contributes to the acidity of the final product.

Barrel aged

cerveza añejada en barricas tendencias artesanal
Photo: Con Espuma

Aging beer in bourbon, sherry, or port casks is not very common due to the costs incurred, but fans of this type of production will say that the results are worth it. The lambic variety is one of the most notable for employing this method.

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