Christmas Menu

Christmas is approaching, that magical season with its mantle of traditions and special moments. It offers us the perfect opportunity to gather together our nearest and dearest. One of the most heartfelt ways to express our love and affection is through food, a tangible symbol of the bonds that unite us. Here, we propose a Christmas menu that will not only please the palate, but also reflect all the love and dedication you want to share this holiday season.

menú navideño
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Starter – Pumpkin and ginger cream soup

Let’s start with a smooth and comforting pumpkin cream soup. Its silky texture and subtle ginger spice warm the soul and prepare the belly. This simple yet elegant dish is ideal to whet the appetite and will surprise you as a light and flavorful starter.

Menú navideño sopa de calabaza y jengibre
Photo: El Brote Urbano

Main course – Stuffed turkey with cranberry sauce

A classic that never fails, stuffed turkey is always a Christmas dinner star. Slow cooked to hold that juicy texture, it is stuffed with a mixture of dried fruits, aromatic herbs, and a touch of white wine. The cranberry sauce, with its balance of sweet and sour, perfectly complements the meat and provides a contrast of flavors that enhances the whole.

menú navideño pavo con arándanos
Photo: Recetas Nestlé

Side dishes – Mashed potatoes and glazed carrots

Creamy mashed potatoes add their natural hearty sweetness, while glazed carrots with a touch of honey and butter provide a crispy, caramelized contrast. Not only delicious, they also offer vibrant color to the plate.

menú navideño puré de papa con zanahoria
Photo: Qué Rica Vida

Dessert – Chocolate and raspberry yule log

To close the meal, a fluffy, moist chocolate sponge cake filled with a light raspberry cream and topped with ganache. The perfect pinnacle! The yule log shape offers decoration, as it’s a work of art on the table.

menú navideño tronco de chocolate con frambuesa
Photo: Spend-in

Drinks – Red wine and fruit punch

To accompany Christmas dinner, we recommend a medium-bodied red wine, which harmonizes with the turkey, while a homemade fruit punch, served hot, provides a festive and comforting atmosphere.

menú navideño ponche de frutas
Photo: Cocina Delirante

This holiday menu not only satisfies the palate, but also creates unforgettable memories and unites the family around the table in a celebration of love, tradition, and good taste.

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