Bistrot M: A Flavor-Filled Oasis in Chaotic Mexico City

It’s a painful truth, one that we all know but few of us are willing to admit. Living and working in a big city (such as Mexico City) can be an overwhelming experience from time to time. If you ask any random inhabitant, they will likely mention a series of common problems such as traffic, environmental and noise pollution, crowded public transport systems, and long working hours. The hectic pace of this city pushes us to find pleasure in the few spaces and moments we have to ourselves. With such limited opportunity to peacefully enjoy a meal, a dessert, a coffee, it then becomes a moment of indulgence.

Photo: Bistrot M

The disconnect from our gastronomic moments, beyond being unfortunate and adverse to our mental health, is also harmful to our physical health, since it is scientifically proven that eating quickly is bad for the body. How, then, can we find this space to genuinely enjoy a meal that is affordable not only for our budgets but also our schedules?

Bistros are quick service restaurants (usually with homemade fare) that emerged during the Second World War in France as a result of their most frequent diners, Russian soldiers, who exclaimed ‘bistra!’ (hurry up!) when ordering their food. To this day, the bistro custom is still alive, and it is here that Chef Marion presents us with her multifaceted venture.

Photo: Bistrot M

The idea behind Bistot M

“When I first thought of Bistrot M, I thought of the things I used to eat at home as a child… home cooking has always had a special place in our hearts. I want customers to be able to have a gourmet experience, within the budget of an average worker.”

Bistrot M’s uniqueness lies in the fact that no daily menu is ever the same, the recipes are constantly reinvented, thus presenting multiple specialty dishes every week. The bistrot also has a shop with high-quality groceries, such as artisan bread, condiments, spices, and beverages.

Photo: Bistrot M

“The most rewarding thing is experimenting with the flavors, and seeing satisfied guests.”

Marion deeply appreciates her regular diners, who are fond of the locale and its food, as they are the ones who make a business grow. For Marion, it’s the customers who continue to come back, even if the experience varies, that make a restaurant successful.

“Our goal is to offer people specialty dishes at an affordable and sensible price, thinking of those who are coming from the office and have to return after.”

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