Nine Yucatecan restaurants in CDMX if you can’t make it to the peninsula

One of life’s non-negotiable truths is this: Yucatecan food is the crown jewel of Mexican gastronomy. One for its complexity, two for its history, and three for the place it occupies in our hearts (and bellies). If for some unimaginable reason you don’t already have plans to travel to this divine region of the country, we suggest you visit these nine restaurants in Mexico City that serve up some of its most distinguished recipes.

Luna Maya

luna maya restaurantes yucatecos cdmx
Photo: @lunamaya.sazon

Tacos al pastor… Yucatecan?! You read that right, the most anticipated blending of culinary regions has come to pass in this restaurant located in the Benito Juárez borough. You will also find the best classic dishes from the southeast of Mexico, including their specialty cochinita pibil, all of which are made with ingredients brought directly from the Yucatán.

José María Velasco 80, local A, San José Insurgentes, Benito Juárez

T. 55 6391 1127

IG. @lunamaya.sazon

Las Polas del Valle

Las Polas restaurantes yucatecos cdmx
Photo: @las.polas.del.valle

Isn’t it true that family recipes are always the best? In the case of Yucatecan food, this is especially so at Las Polas del Valle. This family restaurant has been preparing “sublime Mayan recipes” for 20 years, mixing tradition with the creativity of chef and owner Miguel Ramos.

Av. Colonia del Valle 505, Del Valle, Benito Juárez

T. 55 5687 2545

IG. @las.polas.del.valle

Hanal K’U

hanal ku restaurantes yucatecos cdmx
Photo: @hanalkumx

In Mayan language, the name means “Delicacy of God”, and they must mean it with the culinary experience they offer. The dishes, prepared in an artisan way, transport you directly to the Yucatán Peninsula. Housed in a mansion from the 1940s, this is an ideal place to take the family, as it even has a children’s area.

Concepción Béistegui 1407, Del Valle, Benito Juárez

T. 55 5523 2383

IG. @hanalkumx


mixtli restaurantes yucatecos cdmx
Photo: @mixtlirestaurante

Have you tried a torta de cochinita? The correct answer is no if you haven’t tried one from Mixtli. In this beautiful little corner of the Del Valle neighborhood is a restaurant that will delight those who visit it for the first time… and for the second, and third, and fourth time as well! They prepare their dishes with high-quality, Yucatecan ingredients and sincere affection, and always serve them with a smile.

Parroquia 727, Del Valle Sur, Benito Juárez

T. 55 5910 0427

IG. @mixtlirestaurante


Le-Lah-Tho restaurantes yucatecos cdmx
Photo: Chilango

Le-Lah-Tho translates to “This is Mérida” and they are not wrong since this traditional restaurant has been recognized by the Community of Yucatecan Residents in CDMX because “they express with their flavors all the spirit, magic, and colors of the state of Yucatán” and the warmth of the staff is sure to complete the experience.

Av. Patriotismo 456, San Pedro de los Pinos, Benito Juárez

T. 55 5598 8992

IG. @restaurante_yucateco_lelahtho

El Turix

El Turix restaurantes yucatecos cdmx
Photo: Condé Nast

For Yucatecan snacks, El Turix is a must. Fantastic seasoning and authentic flavors have made this small place stand out for more than 30 years in an area densely populated by luxury restaurants. Try the house specialty, cochinita pibil, as well as the lime soup, and let the habanero salsa be the cherry on top of everything.

Emilio Castelar 212, Polanco, Miguel Hidalgo

T. 55 5280 6449

Los Almendros

Los almendros restaurantes yucatecos cdmx
Photo: Los Almendros

Since 1962, Don Rubén González has worked to perfect the recipes of exquisite Yucatecan cuisine at a restaurant that has managed to create a balance between tradition and innovation through the use of new cooking techniques. You cannot miss the headliner of the house, poc chuc, which is the product of years of work to achieve its distinctive flavor.

Av. Insurgentes Sur 1759, Guadalupe Inn, Álvaro Obregón

T. 55 5663 5151

IG. @losalmendrossuroficial

Coox Hanal

Coox Hanal retaurantes yucatecos cdmx
Photo: @cooxhanalof

Coox Hanal  has been preparing the most representative Yucatecan snacks for more than 60 years in one of the oldest neighborhoods of CDMX –  the historic center. It is the ideal place to get to know the culture, flavors, and colors of the southeast of our country through its food, music, and the warmth of the people.

Isabel la Católica 83, Centro Histórico, Cuauhtémoc

T. 55 5709 3613

IG. @cooxhanalof

Humberto’s “El Yacawach”

Humberto’s El Yucawach restaurantes yucatecos CDMX
Photo: @restaurante_humbertos

Take care when visiting this restaurant, lest you want to return day after day… though not in vain. An extensive menu of Yucatecan dishes will allow you to venture through different dishes with each visit and you will always be impressed by the incredible flavors. The traditional lime soup never disappoints and the marquesitas dessertsfrom the cart at the exit are a must to finish off any meal. 

Patricio Sanz 1440, Del Valle, Benito Juárez

T. 55 5559 8760

IG. @restaurante_humbertos

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