The 10 best restaurants for ramen in Mexico City

Ramen, the Japanese noodle soup, is an undeniable comfort food. Originally from China, today ramen has become one of the most famous representations of Japanese cuisine. In its traditional version, ramen uses different types of noodles and is served with a broth prepared from meat, miso, and soy sauce. Fortunately for Mexico City, ramen is now easy to come by with the help of great Asian chefs and restaurants who have settled here in recent years. Here are the 10 best ramen restaurants in the city, including vegan and spicy variations, and even ramen for kids.

Kaminari Ramen

kaminari ramen cdmx
Photo: @kaminaritonkotsuramen

A relaxed atmosphere and good beer accompany your ramen at Kaminari. The menu offers 16 different types, including the traditional tonkotsu, as well as tsukemen with pork belly and chicken breast, boiled egg, red onion, and scallion. They also have a special ramen for children up to 12 years old with a chicken and pork loin broth, fish paste, and mitsuba (Japanese parsley).

Copenhague 21, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc
T. 55 5533 0867
IG. @kaminaritonkotsuramen

Rokai Ramen-Ya

rokai ramen cdmx cuauhtémoc
Photo: @rokairamen

For lunch or dinner, Rokai Ramen-Ya is a good option for those around the Cuauhtémoc zone, and the chef prepares everything right in front of you. We recommend the vegan ramen, made with thin noodles and seasonal vegetables, or the Rokai miso, made with chashu, thick noodles, sprouts, butter, nira, and garlic.

Río Ebro 89, Cuauhtémoc, Cuauhtémoc
T. 56 3035 4220
IG. @rokairamen

Mog Bistro

Mog Bistro ramen cdmx cuauhtémoc cdmx
Photo: @mogbistro

A favorite in the city is the Roma neighborhood’s lively Mog. With 11 ramen options, you can choose from shrimp, chicken, and pork bases. The experience includes seiza, the Japanese tradition of sitting on the floor to enjoy the food.

Frontera 168, Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc
T. 55 5264 1629
IG. @mogbistro


Daikoku ramen cdmx coyoacán cdmx
Photo: @grupodaikokumx

Another vibrant scene for enjoying ramen and much more. With a menu of almost 30 dishes, Daikoku, founded in 1974, offers more than 10 ramen options, including its new tantanmen, created by their chef and made from sesame paste with ground beef, special sauce, and rayu. Don’t miss the spectacular decor and ambience at the Coyoacán location.

Londres 348, Del Carmen, Coyoacán
T. 55 5554 8980
IG. @grupodaikokumx


deigo ramen juárez cuauhtémoc cdmx
Photo: @deigoramen

Since 1995, Deigo has been one of the best known traditional Japanese restaurants in CDMX. Our favorite branch is in Zona Rosa, where it’s a bit hidden from the street and offers a small and intimate atmosphere. We recommend the miso ramen with pork, scallion, egg, wakame and naruto in a miso based broth.

Hamburgo 70, local A bis, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc
IG. @deigoramen

Yamasan Ramen House

yamasan ramen cdmx cuauhtémoc condesa
Photo: @yamasanramenoficial

A classic place, Yamasan Ramen House, as the name says, is the home of ramen in Mexico with different varieties made with chicken, pork, beef sausage, and even a vegetarian option. You can also make your own ramen from a choice of 22 different ingredients. Enjoy it all alongside an Asahi, a refreshing imported Japanese beer.

Av. Tamaulipas 103, Hipódromo Condesa, Cuauhtémoc
T. 55 5211 7847
IG. @yamasanramenoficial


koku ramen cuauhtémoc cdmx
Photo: @kokumx

With two locations, one in Roma and one in Cuauhtémoc, Koku is a hot spot among local diners. The menu offers three types of ramen, including a tasty bacon one, but the must-try is the curry-coconut ramen. And don’t leave your furry friends behind because you can enjoy your ramen on the pet-friendly terrace.

Río Lerma 94C, Cuauhtémoc, Cuauhtémoc
T. 55 5207 3344
IG. @kokumx

Ramen Kitsune

ramen kitsune cdmx cuauhtémoc
Photo: @ramenkitsune_

Chef Takeya Matsumoto’s place has allowed customers to get creative with their ramen in Mexico for more than 10 years. First, you choose your base from several options like shio (pork broth, Himalayan salt) or shoyu (pork broth, soy, seaweed and dried fish). Then, you decide on ingredients, which include vegan options, and if you want, some extra toppings like edamame, nori, or sweet corn.

C. Río Lerma 213, Cuauhtémoc, Cuauhtémoc
T. 55 5206 3301
IG. @ramenkitsune_

Wan Wan Sakaba

Wan Wan Sakaba ramen cdmx cuauhtémoc juárez
Photo: @wanwansakaba

This neighborhood-style restaurant is a must in Colonia Juárez, with a bar, a few seats, and a delicious menu created by Chef IMA and his wife, Chiaki Imaizumi. Here you have three options: nagahama or tokusei ramen, both with simple tonkotsu (pork) broth; or spicy tantan. And if none of these appeal, you can create the ramen of your choice.

Londres 209, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc
T. 55 6463 1202
IG. @wanwansakaba


sho-ya ramen cdmx del valle benito juárez
Photo: Sho-Ya

With an atmosphere similar to the Mexican fondita, Sho-Ya is a place to sample authentic Japanese food. Here, you can choose from eight different options from soy, tomato, pork, miso, or even vegan ramen. The space is small and fills up fast so be sure to arrive in good time.

D. San Francisco 238, Del Valle Norte, Benito Juárez
T. 55 2304 2053

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