Don’t miss out on the best gastronomic events in CDMX this July!

Time to alert the lovers of ancestral Mexican gastronomy! We are entering the second half of the year and this July kicks off with a bang and a journey through some of the best culinary traditions of Mexico. From festivals with mezcal and pulque to dishes highlighting all our edible bugs like ceviche with grasshoppers and mole with chicatana ants. Here is our culinary calendar for July 2023.

July 1 and 2 – Pulque, Gastronomía Típica y Mezcal Festival

Photo: El Siglo de Durango

With mezcals, traditional cuisine, flavored pulques, and good music, this July the Pulque, Gastronomía Típica y Mezcal Festival is back in CDMX. For the 2023 edition, the event will be held at Doméstico, located in the Condesa neighborhood, and will feature exhibitors from different states such as Guerrero and Oaxaca. There will be cocktails, typical dishes such as tlayudas and mole, and even a bazaar of handicrafts, beauty products, clothing, and home decor. 

Address: Doméstico. Nuevo León 80, Condesa, Cuauhtémoc

Hours: 12:00 a 20:00

Cost: 40 MXN en preventa y 50 MXN el día del evento

IG. @adelitas.empresarias

July 8 and 9 – Agave, Fiesta y Son Festival

Festival del Agave, Fiesta y Son
Photo: W Radio

If you want to go deeper with the ancestral delicacies, another unmissable option that comes the following week is the Agave, Fiesta y Son Festival, which will be held at Huerto Roma Verde with more than 40 producers from Durango, Sonora, Jalisco, and Chiapas who will delight you with their handmade products. In addition to tasting agave-derived beverages such as mezcal, sotol, tequila or pulque, you can also enjoy cheese, coffee, cocoa, kombucha, beer, amaranth, snacks, insect salt, wine, ice cream, and more.

Address: Huerto Roma Verde en Jalapa 234, Roma Sur, Cuauhtémoc

Hours: 11:00 a 19:00

Cost: entrada gratuita

Until July 30 – Festival de Bichos 2023

Photo: Animal Gourmet

Taste a ceviche tostada with crunchy grasshoppers, a tamale made with caterpillars, agave worms, and beetles, or a mole from chicatana ants. You can find these exotic offerings at the Festival de Bichos 2023 (Festival of Bugs) at the restaurants Corazón de Maguey and Los Danzantes that sit across from each other near the Coyote Fountain in Coyoacán. As a tribute to the authentic flavors of Mexico, these establishments will offer an exclusive menu with these little treasures of the land until the end of July that includes delicious drinks as well.

Address: Corazón de Maguey, Parque Centenario 9A, Villa Coyoacan, Coyoacan

& Los Danzantes at Plaza Jardín Centenario 12, Villa Coyoacan, Coyoacan

Hours and cost: Depends on each restaurant; check their respective websites

IG. @losdanzantes / @corazondemaguey

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