Celebrate World Bartender Day with the best mixologists in Mexico

February 24 celebrates World Bartender Day and Mexico will not be left behind! In recent years, signature craft mixology has gained momentum worldwide and Mexico’s bartenders have been along for the ride with competitors entering contests like the World Class Cocktail Festival, showcasing their Mexican roots with original flavors, inventive cocktails, and new concoctions from well-known brands. Therefore, in recognition of our national talents, we leave you with our list of 10 of the best bartenders in Mexico.

Fátima León

She won World Class Mexico 2017 with her drink No Time Cocktail and placed eighth during the world competition with her Cor Cocktail. This drink made an impact for its use of 7 milliliters of fresh beef blood, which is used to give the beverage a foamy texture.1

Fátima León bartender mexicana
Photo: El Conocedor

Marco Aurelio Dorantes

At the age of 27, while working at the Fifty Mils bar at the Four Seasons hotel, this young man became this country’s best bartender by winning the World Class Mexico 2018. Now, Dorantes has more than 10 years experience bartending, and he has worked in the Diageo Academy of Mixology and does consulting, while he continues to passionately share his spirits creations.2

Marco Aurelio Dorantes bartender
Photo: Gatopardo

Mafer Tejada

Mafer was the first woman to win World Class Mexico back in 2015. She started as a barback, moved to assistant bartender, then she specialized in cocktails, working in bars in Budapest, Berlin, and Paris. Mafer’s experience gives her mixology a universal flavor and she seeks to tune in Mexican palates to luxury cocktails. For that reason she often gives workshops, talks, and offers alliances with brands to bring the cocktail message to all possible tables.1

Mafer Tejada bartender
Photo: Gourmet de México

Allan Suárez

This former Hanky Panky bartender was a finalist in the Havana Club Grand Prix and World Class Mexico. His career, which includes his time in canteens, breweries, restaurants, and cafeterias, started at the St. Regis, going through La Rúa and Broca. In 2019, he won the Patrón Perfectionists with a cocktail inspired by Mexican cuisine and his own grandfather, with ingredients like horchata, honey, and dark chocolate.2

Allan Suárez bartender
Photo: Time Out

Claudia Cabrera

In 2020, the Tales of Cocktail foundation nominated Claudia for Best International Bartender. Her collaboration with chefs gives her cocktails a definite culinary twist. Claudia, along with seven of the best bartenders in the country, founded the Mexico Bartender’s Guild, which seeks to train new bartenders, preserve market knowledge, and professionalize the industry.1

Photo: Milenio

Francisco Calvo

In 2016, Calvo was Mexico’s representative at Bombay Sapphire’s Most Imaginative Bartender contest. He was also part of Fifty Mils, he is an expert in craft beers, and he even created a series of cocktails that evoke the aromas of Paco Rabanne’s scents. Currently, he has his distillate project called Runneght Free Spirits.2

Francisco Calvo bartender
Photo: Coolhunter

Haydee Barrón

This mixologist was a finalist in World Class 2018 and has represented Mexico in cocktail competitions around the world. Her drinks stand out for their light and fresh flavors. In an interview with Gourmet de México, Haydee defines herself as someone with a strong character who relies on resilience, passion, and a strong desire to do things.1

Haydee Barrón bartender
Photo: The Cocktail Lovers

Jaime Morales López

What started as a hobby for Jimmy Mo (as he is known), has turned into a truly successful eight year career. Morales is the current champion of Mexico World Class 2022 as bar manager of Casa Prunes, which itself is recognized as one of the best restaurant-bars in the Mexican capital.2

Jimmy Mo bartender
Photo: Food and Travel

Raquel Ramos

In 2020, she was one of the two female finalists of the tenth edition of Bacardi Legacy Mexico. Raquel keeps an eye on the emerging trends, methods, and ingredients and is always looking to add something innovative to the mix.1

Raquel Ramos bartender
Photo: Chilango

Jerzy Mejía

Hailing from Guadalajara, this bartender was a finalist in the international Tahona Society contest in 2016 and winner of the Legends of London 2017 in Mexico for the London Nº1 gin brand. He is also a member of the Diageo Bar Academy, and works for signature mixology projects such as Mulatta and Gimlet Cocktail.2

Jerzy Mejía bartender
Photo: Chilango

1 With information from mujermexico.com

2 Written by Francelia Rodríguez

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