The best Argentine restaurants in CDMX outside of Roma – Condesa

Mexico City is fortunate to have an extraordinary culinary scene, with food representing  different regions of the world. In each of these restaurants, we can find traditional dishes of a particular culture, shaped by the history and geography of their country of origin and brought to Mexico. Today, we will talk about the cuisine of Argentina and the best places to enjoy it in the city beyond the Roma-Condesa circuit. 

mejores restaurantes argentinos cdmx
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Argentina is a country of enormous geographical features. It is the second largest in South America, therefore, it has a great variety of natural resources that have shaped its gastronomic offers. The extensive plains make it one of the main livestock producers in the region, specifically beef. For this reason, Argentines are famous for their cuts of meat and their culture of grilling, or asados, central to the Argentine identity. But they are also great producers of sausages, milk and other dairy products (there are eight cheeses produced in Argentina), as well as honey, wheat, and excellent wines, which are produced in the provinces of Mendoza and San Juan, and are the perfect partners to the accompanying national dishes. 

mejores restaurantes argentinos cdmx
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Here, a rich cuisine developed over time from the culinary traditions of native peoples merged with the cuisines of Italy and parts of Africa, due to large waves of migration and the former slave trade. The most characteristic dishes that emerged from this cultural fusion are grilled meats roasted over a wood fire, meat stuffed empanadas, choripan, Argentine pizza, pickled eggplant, carbonara, chimichurri, alfajores, and dulce de leche. In other words, delicious hearty food to share among many and plenty of wine to extend the after-dinner conversation. 

Fonda Argentina

mejores restaurantes argentinos cdmx Fonda Argentina
Photo: @fondaargentinaoficial

When it comes to Argentine grill, Fonda Argentina has undoubtedly been one of the best options in the city since 1993. It was founded on Isabel la Católica when a nostalgic Argentinean decided to set up an improvised grill in front of his sewing workshop, which, at lunchtime, attracted pedestrians and neighbors alike. Today, after 30 years, it is one of the most renowned Argentinean restaurants in the country with more than a dozen locations. Highly recommended on the menu are its asados (in particular the bife de chorizo) with Argentine wine pairings.

Isabel la Católica, Independencia, Benito Juárez

T. 55 5539 1617

IG. @fondaargentinaoficial

Mate Asador Argentino

mejores restaurantes argentinos cdmx mate asador
Photo: @mateasador

This restaurant, which recently opened its doors in Parque La Mexicana in Santa Fe, offers a more sophisticated and contemporary version of the traditional Argentine steakhouse. In addition to the location, which offers a great view to enjoy its extraordinary selection of cuts and wines, it is worth a visit for the tasty empanadas, freshly baked bread, and extensive selection of sauces. Also worth mentioning are the dulce de leche cake and the house wine, Ojo del Amo. A place to sit and savor each of their creations.

Santa Fe 482, Lomas de Santa Fe, Cuajimalpa

T. 55 5286 0657

IG. @mateasador

Puerto Madero

mejores restaurantes argentinos cdmx puerto madero
Photo: @puertomaderomex

A restaurant that has already earned prestige among the capital’s residents due to their attention to detail and the quality of their mainly imported ingredients. The juicy prime cuts never fail, but Puerto Madero also offers a wide variety of fish and seafood dishes, traditional of Buenos Aires. The beef carpaccio and their tartar tasting come recommended. They also have a selection of Mendoza wines that are worth checking out.

Avenida De La Paz 6, San Ángel, Álvaro Obregón.

T. 55 5550 3535

IG. @puertomaderomex


mejores restaurantes argentinos cdmx sylvestre
Photo: @sylvestre_mx

Sylvestre opened its doors on Polanco’s Anatole France in 2015. This fusion restaurant unites traditional Mexican and Argentine cuisines, so you will always find a surprising Mexican touch, whether in the empanadas or cuts of meat. T-bone steak accompanied by an escamoles casserole, a wonderful chipotle abalone, and chicharron lasagna are just a few. All cuts are USDA certified. For steak lovers who can’t resist the spicy flavors of Mexico, this is the place for you.

Anatole France 74, Polanco, Miguel Hidalgo

T. 55 5281 1964

IG. @sylvestre_mx


mejores restaurantes argentinos cdmx cambalache
Photo: @cambalachemex

Since 1986, Cambalache has been a gold standard for Argentinean cuisine in Mexico. It stands out for the quality of its USDA Prime cuts, as well as the fish and seafood imported from Canada and the U.S. They have mastered the art of grilling, and it shows in their Cambalache grill and the lamb dish, whose meat is imported from New Zealand. The alfajores are spectacular. There is also a selection of their own wines aged in Mendoza. With five locations in CDMX, each with a particular ambience, you are sure to find perfect attention and flavors at any time. 

Insurgentes Sur 1384, Del Valle, Benito Juárez

T. 55 5534 5858

IG. @cambalachemex

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