Tortas al Fuego

There is no schedule for cravings, and when hunger strikes, Tortas al Fuego is there to satisfy any culinary impulse. Their menu is varied and includes everything from seafood alambres and tacos al pastor to mushroom soup. Their tortas, of course, are very tasty, as they are prepared with love and care. Located in Condesa, one block from Insurgentes, it is the perfect place for diners to enjoy without having to watch the clock.


Open 24/7


Sonora 205, Condesa, Cuauhtémoc

Open 24/7

55 5264 29 34

Price Range


Payment Methods

Bank Cards · Cash


seafood alambre, beef rib, baked pork leg sandwich

Vegan/Vegetarian Options

fruit cocktail, mushroom broth, nopal taco

Detailed Info
  • COVID Standards
  • Open Spaces
  • Pet-friendly
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • WiFi
  • Open spaces: outdoor seating, part of the Ciudad al Aire Libre program
  • Pet-friendly: outdoors only
  • Wheelchair accessible: outdoors only
  • Other locations: Polanco
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