Tacos Manolo

Located near Ave. Cuauhtémoc, Manolo is a typical Narvarte style taco place: tasty and low-cost. There are two areas, the restaurant and the stand. The stand sells grilled tacos, al pastor, as well as tacos de cabeza and beef tongue tacos, while the restaurant has a more extensive menu. Don’t leave without trying the house specialty, the Manolos, prepared with plenty of diced and roasted onion, quite the delicacy! With quick service, it’s perfect for that late night taco craving.


Unique taco in Mexico City: the Manolo


Luz Saviñon 1305, Narvarte Poniente, Benito Juárez

Mon. - Thu., 14:00 - 01:00
Fri. - Sat., 14:00 - 03:00
Sun. 14:00 - 23:00

55 7095 8071

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al pastor, tacos de lengua, tacos Manolo (slightly sweet from the caramelized onion), flan

Detailed Info
  • COVID Standards
  • Open Spaces
  • Pet-friendly
  • Open spaces: as part of the Ciudad al Aire Libre program, they have tables on the sidewalk. The taco stand is outdoors as well
  • Pet-friendly: outdoors only
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