Mercado de antojitos de Coyoacán

In order to say you did the gastronomic tour of Mexico City, you must have visited Coyoacan’s Food Market first. Here you can enjoy the classic breakfast experience, whether you’re an early bird and night owl, with dishes ranging from a light quesadilla to a large bowl of pozole to start the weekend off. Accompany it with a fresh-squeezed orange juice. Service is friendly and efficient.


Best quesadillas in Mexico City


Higuera 30, La Candelaria, Coyoacán

Mon. - Sun., 9:00 a 21:30

Price Range


Payment Methods



huitlacoche, tinga or picadillo quesadillas

Vegan/Vegetarian Options

mushroom or potato quesadillas, without cheese

Detailed Info
  • COVID Standards
  • Open Spaces
  • Pet-friendly
  • Open spaces: outdoor seating
  • Pet-friendly: outdoors only
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