Los Chupacabras

Anyone who has walked along Río Churubusco and Av. Universidad knows where “Los Chupas” is located, you only need to sharpen your nose and follow the scent of fried meat to spot the crowd of diners. At this taco locale, there is one that is king – the Chupacabras, a mix of steak, cecina, chorizo, and the secret touch of its creator, Guillermo Matias de Hilario, which is known to contain a fusion of 127 spices. Los Chupacabras have had, for different reasons, several locations, however, their loyal patrons don’t hesitate to follow them wherever they go, so great is the affection for a good taqueria in this city.


Best tacos in Mexico City

Av. Río Churubusco, Del Carmen, Coyoacán

Open 24/7

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taco Chupacabras

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