All Day Breakfast: 5 places in CDMX for that breakfast craving at any time!

Mexico City does not sleep. Between the nightlife, cultural events, meetups with friends, and the thousands of other events on offer, there is a genuine need to eat late and eat well, especially to cure hangovers blues. But also, who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? Tasty chilaquiles, waffles with orange juice, or a fried egg burger?

If you consider yourself a true fan of morning food and prefer to enjoy it at 2 in the afternoon or at 2 in the morning, then check out our list of the five best places in CDMX where they serve breakfast all day long.


motín desayunos todo el día all day breakfast cdmx
Photo: @motin_mx

This Roma restaurant located is known for its all day breakfast concept. On weekends, Motín serves breakfast throughout the day, including delicious plates of ricotta pancakes, French toast, avocado toast, and enfrijoladas, to name a few. Not to be missed is the sandwich roll with scrambled or starry egg. A true delight!

Tabasco 311, Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc

T. 55 48 41 96 80

IG. @motin_mx


camomila desayunos todo el día all day breakfast cdmx
Photo: @camomilamx

Camomila is known for its healthy cuisine and its pet-friendly atmosphere. They offer everything from “pizzaquiles” (chilaquiles in red sauce with mozzarella cheese gratin and roasted mushrooms) and vegan waffles to keto scrambled eggs with basmati rice. Their beverages include interesting options like lemonade with activated charcoal or collagen.

Mérida 122, Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc

T. 55 2155 9707

IG. @camomilamx

Miga Café

miga desayunos todo el día all day breakfast cdmx
Photo: @migamx

We can all appreciate an afternoon breakfast and for very few pesos. At Miga Café in the Juárez neighborhood, for 90 pesos you’ll find good-quality coffee, pastries, and other baked goods. The bread is homemade from sourdough. Follow your delicious chilaquiles with burrata with a tempting cronut and ice cream. Pro tip: the elegant and casual decor make for an excellent romantic date spot.

Liverpool 174, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc

T. 56 3029 5548

IG. @migamx

La Casa de Toño

la casa de toño desayunos todo el día all day breakfast cdmx
Photo: La Casa de Toño

Who hasn’t ended up at La Casa de Toño after the bar or club to refuel with a big plate of chilaquiles or some enchiladas? At Mexico City’s most famous cafeteria you can order a nighttime breakfast alongside smoothies, juices, pastry, and coffee. And for those with a breakfast craving who don’t want to leave the house, yes, you can order at home for delivery too!

Check their official website to find your nearest location.

IG. @lacasadetono 


bad desayunos todo el día all day breakfast cdmx
Photo: @eldesayunoestuamigo

Breakfast All Day! It’s in the name. At BAD! “breakfast is your friend” because “breakfast has no time, it has no rules, it has no limits.” The menu stars are waffles and pancakes, both sweet and savory. It’s a small space and they don’t take reservations so we recommend arriving early.

Dinamarca 50, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc

T. 55 7838 0318

IG. @eldesayunoestuamigo

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