A month of summer holidays to go and don’t know what to do with the kids? Get cooking!

It’s all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out. This gastronomic column knows that entertaining children is a full-time job, and we empathize, really we do. That’s why we’re here to let you know how important it is to involve the little ones in the household ritual of cooking, and to share some simple recipes to get started safely.

actividades vacaciones niños cocinar beneficios consejos
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The following are three important skills that a child can develop by participating in the kitchen:


In all stages of life, although perhaps especially in childhood, having a sense of accomplishment is indispensable to develop the confidence that allows us to face challenges. Children will always feel happy and proud to demonstrate that they can carry out activities that involve a degree of difficulty appropriate to their age.

actividades vacaciones niños cocinar beneficios consejos
Photo: ©Alena Ozerova via Canva.com

Basic skills

There are two main skills that can be perfectly fostered when following a recipe – mathematical and linguistic. Following a recipe requires counting the ingredients, measuring their quantities, and timing the cooking. In addition, children will learn a new vocabulary that will expand their linguistic horizons. Both useful skills with applications outside the kitchen as well.

actividades vacaciones niños cocinar beneficios consejos
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Taste development

Children are often picky eaters. This can change if, when preparing their own breakfast or dinner, they are involved in the process. This way, we can explain where the ingredients come from and why they are important for their health. Participating in the preparation of their food will awaken their curiosity and they will be more open to trying new things.

actividades vacaciones niños cocinar beneficios consejos
Photo: ©Yuganov Konstantin via Canva.com

Finally, sharing the kitchen with your children helps to strengthen your emotional bond and creates a space for dialogue in a relaxed atmosphere. It allows them to interact in new ways and feel closer while doing so. Any way you look at it, cooking with them is a guarantee for fun that is productive at the same time.

Want to give it a try? Click here to find a recipe suitable for the little ones.

*It never hurts to remember that this activity is only recommended under the supervision of an adult, and preferably a responsible one.

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