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The Local Guide to Mexico City Eats seeks to promote, make visible, and support the restaurant industry through a platform that offers relevant and reliable information to diners. Learn more about us.

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Business organization that represents, integrates, educates, promotes, and defends the interests of the restaurant industry through dialogue with the government and related sectors.

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The Local Guide to Mexico City Eats recognizes the achievements of establishments in four different categories, which are displayed and acknowledged as:

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With 31 years of experience, the Restaurant Merit Award is the highest official recognition given to individuals and businesses working in the restaurant industry.

Throughout its history, CANIRAC has recognized the excellence, quality, contributions, research, and innovations of more than 240 members of the sector, who through innovation, creativity, talent, quality and excellence in service, enhance the culinary wealth of Mexico and the world.

Each year, candidates are nominated in various categories as examples of dynamic and modern business culture, with recognizable leadership and a pursuit of great service. Their success stories are synonymous with inspiration and recognition for the industry.

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Sello Verde

This is awarded to restaurants that have shown outstanding commitment to actions that support the environment.

Marco Beteta

Given to restaurants that are included among the list of “the 100 best restaurants in Mexico City by Marco Beteta”.

Sello Culinaria Mexicana

Given to restaurants featured in the “Gastronomic Mexico Guide” by Claudio Poblete.


  • María Ulloa
  • Guillermo Márquez
  • Natalia Falcón
  • Mariana Guzmán
  • Yeicko Sunner
  • Esteban Esteffanovski
  • Zoe Pupo
  • Fede Levi
  • Diego Cuellar


  • María Artigas
  • Tania de la Mora


  • María Ulloa
  • Fede Levi
  • Diego Cuellar


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  • Guillermo Márquez
  • Sara V. Davis