Six incredible terraces to celebrate the spring equinox

The spring equinox is when the sun sits directly over the equator on its journey north, sharing its rays equally with both hemispheres. For those in the northern hemisphere, it’s a time to say goodbye to winter and welcome the heat of spring and summer. Some mark it by visiting archaeological sites, performing rituals, and various other activities. This year’s equinox arrives in Mexico on Friday, March 20, at exactly 9:24 p.m.

If you want to celebrate this moment in an open and relaxed environment, but you can’t leave the city, not to worry. Here are six restaurants with incredible terraces and tasty menus to enjoy an incomparable night of astronomical delight with friends and family.


piantao terraza cdmx
Photo: @piantao_restaurante

How about starting the day with a visit to one of the most important ceremonial centers in the city and then ending with a delicious meal in an incredible garden? Cuicuilco, an archaeological site in the Valley of Mexico, makes it possible. Located in the current Tlalpan district, it’s the right place for perceiving ancestral energy, while also being just a few minutes from Piantao, one of the best Argentine restaurants in the country. There is a beautiful terrace where you can sample their chorizo steak or tenderloin.

Av. San Fernando 649, Peña Pobre, Tlalpan

T. 55 5424 0012

IG. @piantao_restaurante

La Casa de las Sirenas 

La Casa de las Sirenas terraza cdmx
Photo: Zankyou

La Casa de las Sirenas (The House of the Mermaids), located in the heart of Mexico City, is already well-known for its extraordinary view of the Templo Mayor. The terrace has been standing since 1754, however, it was not until 1994 that it became a restaurant specializing in Mexican food. Since then, diners have been able to admire the history and architecture of the city center while taking in the sunset.

República de Guatemala 32, Centro, Cuauhtémoc

T. 55 5704 3273

IG. @lacasadelas_sirenas


botanico terrazas cdmx
Photo: @botanicomx

A hidden oasis in the Condesa neighborhood, the charming garden of Botáncia is full of lush plants and cacti from the Mediterranean and southern Africa. It even has a pond to admire the adorable axolotls. Chefs Alejandra Navarro and Ernesto Hernández rely on fresh, local ingredients to bring a range of international fare to their always changing menu.

Alfonso Reyes 217, Condesa, Cuauhtémoc

T. 55 5271 2152

IG. @botanicomx

Terraza Cha Cha Chá

Photo: @terrazachachacha

“Life is tastier at Cha Cha Chá.” With its lively atmosphere and view of the Monument to the Revolution, this famous terrace is one of the city’s favorites for its Mexican food and cocktails. We recommend the fish tiradito or the seared Ensenada tuna with green mole, and for drinks, a currant tequila raspado or a hibiscus mezcal.

Av. de la República 157, Tabacalera, Cuauhtémoc.

T. 55 5705 2272.

IG. @terrazachachacha

Séptimo Ostería

Séptimo osteria terraza cdmx
Photo: @septimo_osteriamx

The little sister to Séptimo Coyoacán arrived in San Ángel with a sophisticated proposal, in both menu and architecture. Their lush and cozy terrace is the ideal place to savor the fish of the day in fennel sauce accompanied by a signature cocktail.

Av. Altavista 154, San Ángel, Álvaro Obregón

T. 55 5550 0126

IG. @septimo_osteriamx

Miralto / Nivel 40 Skybar

miralto terraza cdmx
Photo: @miraltomx

On the 40th floor of the Latin American Tower you’ll be treated to stunning views of the city and its surrounds. Miralto, a restaurant offering traditional Mexican food and a cafeteria menu is on the 41st floor, but if drinking and live music are what you seek this equinox then head down to Nivel 40 Skybar, where you will be dazzled by a spectacular panoramic views to the west and north.

Eje Central 2, Centro, Cuauhtémoc

T. 55 5518 1710

IG. @miraltomx

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