5 can’t miss Japanese restaurants in Mexico City

Japanese food is one of the culinary pillars of the world. Its diversity, sophistication, and wide adaptability among different cultures have given it prestige on an international scale. Here, we recommend five restaurants to give you a glimpse into a cuisine that goes well beyond sushi rolls, gyoza, and yakimeshi. 


Located in front of the obelisk on Campos Elíseos in Polanco, Makoto is synonymous with excellent Japanese food. From the architecture, including the special station where nigiri and sashimi are prepared, to each one of its creations down to the delicious desserts, the atmosphere is composed and luxurious. Celebrated for their exquisite blend of the traditional and contemporary, here you’ll find foie gras, truffles, wagyu, and lobster alongside an extensive sake menu and a classy cocktail bar to satisfy all the senses.

Campos Elíseos 295, Polanco, Miguel Hidalgo, CDMX

IG. @makotopolanco


Photo: Suntory

Luxury and minimalism are an essential part of the experience at Suntory, which has been taking traditional Japanese food to new levels for more than 40 years. From the freshest fish and seafood to teppanyaki, they take great care in preparing Japanese recipes and adapting them perfectly to Mexican palates for a touch of cultural syncretism. Add in a great sake menu and refined service, and Suntory is a must for lovers of this cuisine.

Torres Adalid 14, Del Valle Norte, Benito Juárez, CDMX

IG. @suntorymexico


Taro restaurantes de comida japonesa japoneses
Photo: Taro

Taro opened on Av. Universidad in 1980 as an austere and anachronistic space known for its bento, a tray of various Japanese dishes served in small portions. Each of its tables boasts a grill where everything from teppanyaki to nabemono is prepared in front of you. Guided by the ichi-go ichi-e philosophy (“once in a lifetime”), which carries the sense that each encounter is unique, the service here is personal and attentive, which, when combined with the excellent food, makes every visit a memorable experience.

Av. Universidad 1861, Copilco Universidad, Coyoacán, CDMX

IG. @restaurantetaro


45 años de experiencia consolidan a Daikoku

Forty five years of experience has made Daikoku one of the most respectable Japanese restaurants in Mexico City. With high quality products and special care taken to preserve the original culinary traditions, the menu is wide and varied – from soups and ramen to teppanyaki and tempura. If you find it tough to choose among so many options, the impeccable service from the waitstaff will help guide you. The sushi bar with nigiri and rolls is highly recommended. Excellent quality and flavor for a fair price.

Locations: daikoku.mx

IG. @grupodaikokumx/?hl=es


Near Mixcoac, you will find the Asociación México Japonesa, a space that houses an impressive secret: ICHI, a restaurant considered by many to be the first “truly” Japanese restaurant. Request a table close to the peaceful ornamental garden and try the kaikan tasting menu for a bit of everything. Surely the closest you’ll come to experiencing Japan in Mexico.

Fujiyama 144, Las Águilas, Álvaro Obregón, CDMX

IG. @asociacion_mexico_japonesa

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