Five edible plants with mystical properties

In addition to culinary value, the following plants have been associated with mystical and medicinal properties throughout history. Keep in mind that their uses may differ according to cultural and spiritual traditions.


Basil is thought to possess properties that include protection, purification, fidelity, and attraction of positive energies. It promotes harmony in spaces and helps maintain peace of mind. In some traditions, it is used in spiritual cleansing rituals to enhance intuition. It is also linked to love and prosperity, and attracts positive vibrations and beneficial opportunities.

plantas espirituales medicinales propiedades albahaca datos curiosos
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Fun facts:

  • In Mexico it is used to attract success and good fortune.
  • In Cuba it is used for Santeria rituals.
  • In Italy it is conceived as a symbol of love.


Lavender is attributed with the ability to induce relaxation, relieve stress, and promote peace of mind. This plant is used in rituals and practices to facilitate meditation and spiritual connection. In addition, it is used for attracting both passion and beauty.

plantas espirituales medicinales propiedades lavanda datos curiosos
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Fun facts:

  • The Greeks used it to relieve headaches and it was a symbol of love and devotion.
  • In the Middle Ages, carrying lavender sachets was believed to help ward off illness, evil spirits, and witchcraft.


Garlic has multiple uses beyond cooking, including hair and skin care. Its appreciation also extends to the esoteric field, where it is considered a powerful force against bad energy. It is thought to attract prosperity, promote good luck, and even favor employment. In ancient times, Babylonian priests used garlic to protect themselves from disease. The Romans used it as a pre-battle remedy to instill strength, courage, and bravery.

plantas espirituales medicinales propiedades albahaca datos curiosos
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Fun facts:

  • It is mentioned as a cure for diseases and defense against demons in the Atharvaveda, one of the oldest books in the world.
  • It is said that evil spirits fear its smell.
  • Garlic has been found in the sarcophagi of Egyptian mummies.


Rosemary is associated with the fire element. It is used in cleansing rituals, both personal and for spaces, with the purpose of driving away bad energy. It was also used in exorcism practices and was attributed with the ability to increase energy and alleviate depression. It is said that by absorbing its smoke it can induce extrasensory experiences.

plantas espirituales medicinales propiedades romero datos curiosos
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Fun facts

  • It was linked to longevity and vitality.
  • At some ancient funerals, sprigs of rosemary were placed as a symbol of remembrance to honor the deceased.


Thyme is associated with both physical and spiritual healing and is noted for its connection to nature. It is believed to attract good fortune and dispel fears. It has been used in spells to increase strength and courage. It was also used to promote good sleep, ward off nightmares, and maintain positive thoughts. At one time, women wore thyme in their hair to enhance their attractiveness. Likewise, it provided security in the spiritual journey of the departed to the afterlife.

plantas espirituales medicinales propiedades tomillo datos curiosos
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Fun facts:

  • The scientific name, Thymon, means burning or perfuming because it was used as incense.
  • According to Greek mythology, thyme was born from the tears of Helen of Troy to gain strength and courage in battle. It also had healing powers.
  • Today it can be placed under the pillow to ward off nightmares.

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