Discover 5 delicious fondas in the Del Valle neighborhood. Provecho!

Good, tasty, and cheap. This is what makes a fonda in Mexico, quaint establishments where Mexican flavors are served in homey familiar atmospheres at a fair price. And believe it or not, the Del Valle neighborhood is home to some culinary jewels that have been recognized locally, but also by some international food critics. 

So, if you are looking for a place for Yucatecan flavors with an exquisite lime soup or sweet tamales with Asian influences, check out this guide to five of the best fondas in a charming corner of CDMX.

Fonda Huitzillin

fondas en la colonia Del Valle cdmx
Photo: @huitzillincdmx

From the hand of Chef Manuel Carrasco comes Fonda Huitzillin, fusing Mexican and Asian flavors with the simplicity of ingredients typical of a fonda with the complexity of fine dining. The menu changes from time to time, but some delicious fixed dishes are the artisan breads, sweet tamales, and pozole.

La Morena 222, Del Valle Norte, Benito Juárez
T. 55 6645 4343
IG. @huitzillincdmx

Fonda 99.99

fondas colonia del valle cdmx
Photo: @fonda99_cdmx

We can attest that Fonda 99.99 is one of the best Yucatecan spots in CDMX. This family business has more than 30 years of experience behind it, offering a menu that the peninsula can be proud of. They serve classic dishes such as lime soup, cochinita panuchos, chicken pibil, and papadzules. Our advice is to arrive early, as the place fills up fast and they only accept cash.

Moras 347, Tlacoquemécatl del Valle, Benito Juárez
T. 55 5559 8762
IG. @fonda99_cdmx

Fonda Margarita

fondas colonia del valle cdmx
Photo: Chilango

When the famous American food traveler Anthony Bourdain visited Mexico in 2009, he declared that Fonda Margarita was “perhaps the best place to have breakfast.” This fonda opens at 5:30am (the recommended time if you want to avoid the lines) and closes at noon. At their shared tables you can enjoy delicious beans with eggs, steak in pasilla chile, and tlacoyos. Order a hot pot coffee to shake off that early morning fog.

Adolfo Prieto 1364B, Del Valle Sur, Benito Juárez
T. 55 5559 6358
IG. @fondamargarita

Buenas Migas

fondas colonia del valle cdmx
Photo: Time Out

Buenas Migas is a pet-friendly Mexican restaurant with Mediterranean influences. The daily menu always delights, but if you decide to go with the chef’s suggestion then Spanish-style broken eggs or the frittata are a must. The space is so small that they can’t accept groups larger than 10 people, so to avoid issues with getting a table, you can choose the home delivery option instead.

Nicolás San Juan 251, Del Valle Norte, Benito Juárez
T. 55 5638 0957
IG. @buenasmigasdf

Fonda Garufa

fondas colonia del valle cdmx
Photo: @fondagarufamx

Fonda Garufa debuted more than 20 years ago in the Condesa neighborhood as a relaxed place with international cuisine cultivating a young and friendly scene. They have since opened another location in Del Valle, where they currently offer delicious options such as Argentine meat empanadas, Peruvian ceviche, and grilled octopus. If you go for breakfast, we suggest ordering the chilaquiles or French toast.

Heriberto Frías 1162, Del Valle Centro, Benito Juárez
T. 55 9155 5877
IG. @fondagarufamx

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