Time for Tea: Five Can’t Miss Tea Rooms in Mexico City

Undoubtedly, many of us have our favorite place to order an espresso or a cappuccino somewhere in the city. It is undeniable that the coffee culture is strong in Latin America, due to the abundance of coffee grown in these climes, and the solid trade in its beans. Whether an americano at the office, or a cold brew at a trendy coffee shop, many of us recognize coffee as an essential drink in our lives.

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But what about tea? – a drink more typically associated with Asian countries and Great Britain. Tea is practically an unknown domain for us, often relegated on many occasions to the category of medicinal and/or nutritional use. However, the taste of tea, due to its more subtle nature and infinite varieties, can also offer multiple delightful nuances, textures and aromas with the potential to transport us to distant lands, to tell us wonderful stories of other times, other beings, and other worlds. Today we share with you five can’t miss tea houses in Mexico City.

Casa Tassel

A small and charming place in Roma decorated with little curiosities from times past, this tea house has a wide variety of infusions, tizanas and chai from different latitudes, as well a a variety of candies, including Japanese sweets with flavors such as green tea, cherry blossom and chocolate, available every Friday.

Photo: Casa Tassel


A curious name that comes from the Persian word for inn or refuge, as it references a small hostel in the desert where caravans of travelers could spend the night. Here, in addition to ordering by the pot or cup, you can also buy the blends that they make themselves. It’s an ideal spot for an intimate cup of tea between friends or partners. The rooms lend such an atmosphere of privacy and comfort that you won’t want to leave. As a personal tea recommendation, try the Ginseng Oolong.

Photo: Caravanserai

Tomás Casa Editora de Té

Imagine a service so specialized as to make an effort to get to know you personally in order to find out which type of tea you would most enjoy according to your character. In this tea house, you can take a short quiz that will reveal if you are someone who prefers a Rooibos, a white tea or a Taiwanese infusion. As if that were not enough, they are currently developing their home delivery service, which will bring the essentials for your favorite drink right to your door.

Photo: Tomás Casa Editora de Té

Buba Buda

Although this is not a traditional tea house, it is an excellent alternative, especially for those with little ones so that they can also enjoy some tea, but with an original and delicious twist that comes directly from Asia. This shop sells various flavors of tea, which are enlivened with small bubbles of tapioca, making the infusion a fun experience in flavor and texture for our taste buds.

Photo: Buba Buda

Té Cuento

Here, the love for tea, the passion for culture and art, and the desire to build community come together in a welcoming space that offers excellent quality Matcha, as well as breakfast, brunch and desserts. This space also hosts a large number of cultural activities to participate in, such as workshops, bazaars, talks, guided meditation, and its own resistance initiative, known as ‘feminist infusions’, which is always open to new suggestions from the public.

Photo: Té Cuento

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