Ready to try the “drink of the gods”? Discover the 5 best pulquerias in CDMX!

Lovers of Mexican culture and cuisine may already be familiar with pulque, one of the country’s most emblematic beverages. With a history that goes back thousands of years, this viscous elixir of pre-Hispanic origin – obtained from the sap extracted from the heart of the maguey – is appreciated for its distinct flavor and nutritional properties. Nahuatl mythology tells that it was a gift from the gods Mayáhuel and Patécatl to men, and it can still be enjoyed today throughout the city. 

From Pulquería Los Insurgentes, recognized by many as the best in CDMX, to La Risa, which has been in business for more than a century, this guide offers a tour of some of the most famous pulquerias in the capital where you can enjoy exotic (cured) flavors, live music, and meet fellow pulque lovers. Get ready to discover the “drink of the gods”!

El Templo de Diana 

Templo Diana CDMX pulquerías
Photo: El Templo de Diana

Located in Xochimilco for over 100 years now, El Templo de Diana offers more than 20 cured pulques made on the spot, including innovative creations like marigold, choco-peanut, marshmallow, and “rabbit’s blood” made from prickly pear. The decor retains certain traditional elements such as the gutter at the foot of the bar, the former women’s section, and brightly colored papel picado (Mexican bunting) fluttering from the ceiling. 

Av. 5 de Mayo 17, Santa Crucita, Xochimilco

T. 55 5653 4657

IG. @el_templo_de_diana

Pulquería Los Insurgentes

Pulquerías Los Insurgentes CDMX
Photo: Pulquería Insurgentes

Considered one of the best in CDMX for their wide variety of cured pulque flavors such as mamey, kiwi, rice pudding, and apple, served alongside a good selection of pizzas. The place also functions as an art space with exhibitions from photographers and writers as well as poetry readings and musical acts.

Av. Insurgentes Sur 226, Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc

T. 55 5207 0917

IG. @pulqueriainsurgentes

La Paloma Azul

Pulquerías cdmx La Paloma Azul
Photo: La Paloma Azul

La Paloma Azul offers a 100% pure pulquería experience, from the atmosphere to the drinks and music. We recommend starting out with the natural pulque, but if you prefer a cured pulque, you can’t go wrong with walnut, pistachio, or pine nut flavors. Throw a song by Los Ángeles Azules on the jukebox while you chat and dance with the other patrons.

Av. Popocatépetl 154, Portales Norte, Benito Juárez

T. 55 5688 5662

IG. @pulquerialapalomaazul

La Hija de los Apaches

Pulquería La Hija de los Apaches CDMX
Photo: Gastrorama

La Hija de los Apaches is an iconic establishment in the capital. According to the National Association of Pulquerias, it ranks as one of the most popular for its 70 years of tradition, as well as the charismatic staff and owner Epifanio Leyva, who is better known as “El Pifas”. Try the oatmeal, sapote, strawberries with cream, or huachicol options.

Dr. Claudio Bernard 149, Doctores, Cuauhtémoc

T. 55 4056 1648

IG. @lahijaoficial

La Risa

pulquería la risa cdmx
Photo: La Risa

This pulquería in the Historic Center has been a pulque purveyor for over a century. Since 1903 they have served natural and cured pulques with flavors like marzipan, soursop, melon, and  blackberry with cream cheese along with snacks such as sausage tacos with Hawaiian-style ham or egg and pork rind in green salsa.

Mesones 71, Centro, Cuauhtémoc

T. 55 5709 4963

IG. @pulqueria_la_risa_oficial

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