Love food, coffee, and literature? Get to know the 5 best cafebrerías in CDMX

There is no better companion to a good book than a good coffee. Add to this cozy moment a delicious dish and the fusion between art and gastronomy becomes a completely fulfilling experience.

Café + librería (bookshop) = cafebrería. To make the most of your passion for literature paired with delicious food and coffee, we present the best cafebrerías in Mexico City, places to dive into your favorite pages and immerse yourself in a world of words, aromas, and flavors.

Porrúa Chapultepec

Librería Café porrúa chapultepec
Photo: Revista Código

Relatively unknown, this beautiful space is located at one of the main entrances to Chapultepec Park. The famous bookstore and publisher Porrúa offers all kinds of books and genres, including children’s books in a special room built around a giant tree. And the best part? A secluded terrace overlooking the lake.

Bahía Grutas s/n, Bosque de Chapultepec, Miguel Hidalgo

T. 55 5212 2241

IG. @libreria_porrua

Centro Cultural Bella Época

Centro Cultural bella época café librería cdmx
Photo: Milenio

This cultural center is part of the Rosario Castellanos bookstore, one of the largest in Latin America. The building that houses the Centro Cultural Bella Época, originally the Lido Cinema (opened in 1942), is an architectural jewel that blends Deco style with Spanish Colonial Revival style. Visit the cinema, art gallery, and children’s area with a tasty coffee in hand.

Av. Tamaulipas 202, Hipódromo, Cuauhtémoc

T. 55 5276 7110

IG. @fcemexico

El Péndulo Roma 

el péndulo roma café librería cdmx
Photo: ArchDaily

A classic of classics for lovers of coffee and culture visiting the Roma neighborhood. Although this chain of coffee shops has several branches throughout the city, the one on Avenida Álvaro Obregón is a favorite for its Foro El Tejedor, a venue where artists of various genres perform, as well as the terrace bar on the third floor. El Péndulo also has an extensive food menu and sells fun gifts and pop culture items.

Av. Álvaro Obregón 86, Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc

T. 55 5574 7034

IG. @cafebreriaelpendulo

Centro Cultural Elena Garro

Centro cultural elena garro café librería cdmx
Photo: Educal

Located near the historic center of Coyoacán, this place is named after Mexican writer Elena Garro. Here you can enjoy theatrical performances, concerts, film screenings, conferences, workshops, and activities for children. The library specializes in Mexican and Latin American literature. The open-air cafeteria is charming, holding performances by jazz musicians and national coffee fairs.

Fernández Leal 43, La Concepción, Coyoacán

T. 55 3003 4081

FB. @ccElenaGarro

Antonia. La Oficina del Libro

antonia café librería cdmx
Photo: Dónde Ir

Antonia presents itself as the place with “the best selection of books and chilaquiles”. In addition to an incredible literary selection, this cafebrería offers coffee, cookies, cakes, and other desserts. As for their activities, you can’t miss their poetry readings, workshops, and presentations. Children can enjoy storytelling or make art.

Antonio Sola 67A, Condesa, Cuauhtémoc

T. 55 2335 2260

IG. @antonia_libreria

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