3 gastronomic trends to ring in 2023

As 2022 draws to a close, the culinary world reveals what will be the trends (in talk and tastes) in the coming new year. Whether you’re an industry professional, a food lover, or just want to know what should be on the agenda to cook at home or enjoy in a restaurant, here are three of the most relevant food and beverage trends for 2023.

Vegan pasta

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While the vegan movement has been gaining a following in recent years, with consumers becoming more health and environmentally conscious and interested in eating in a way that doesn’t try to mimic meat, plant-based pasta is going a step further and evolving for 2023. 

Whether you are vegan, looking to become a more conscious eater, or simply want to try new dishes, there are now options of chickpea, zucchini, and even potato pasta. A report from Whole Food Market cites chefs experimenting with ingredients such as spaghetti squash, hearts of palm hearts, and green bananas.

If you find yourself with a pasta craving, give this cauliflower gnocchi pasta recipe a try from Carleigh Bodrug, a plant-based food blogger and New York Times best-selling cookbook author: plantyou.com/cauliflower-gnocchi

Non (or Low) Alcoholic Beverages

Photo: Sober Bar Finder

Who says a non-alcoholic beverage can’t be creative and fun? For the coming year, curious consumers may be looking to detox after a debaucherous holiday season or simply find the joy in gathering with friends and family while keeping the alcohol consumption in moderation.

According to business finder app Yelp, one of the most sought-after alcohol-free drinks this year and one that will continue to be successful in 2023, is the michelagua, a reinterpretation of the michelada, the famous Mexican drink that combines beer with… well, anything from lime juice and salt to Clamato or Worcester sauce.

“Using non-beer mixers to complement an agua fresca, michelagua generally comes in three flavor options: mango, pineapple and spinach, or cucumber with lime. Embellished with colorful fruits and garnishes, a michelagua is the perfect drink to photograph,” Yelp claims in its 2023 food trend forecast.

Mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) are sure to remain on the menu of bars and restaurants in the coming year.

Comfort food

Photo: ©nadiasphoto via Canva.com

“Joy in food” will be a major driver of cuisine by 2023 according to The Food People. Our favorite childhood dishes are coming back, and with them, those feelings of comfort, nostalgia, and unpretentiousness. In Mexico, we’ll travel back in time to the kitchens of our childhood homes with caldito de pollo (chicken soup), sopa de fideos (noodle soup), bread, chocolate and ice cream. 

And while retro will be the major trend in restaurants, including cocktails and desserts, rest assured that they will come with bold new twists.

The Gastronomic Guide CDMX recommends L’encanto de Lola in particular for comfort food.

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