10 taquerias you must try in Mexico City

It is difficult, and maybe even controversial,  to make a list of the 10 best taquerias in CDMX when there are so many good options available. Inevitably somebody’s favorite will be left out. So, we tried to make a selection that includes all kinds of taco cravings. We hope you’ll try them all, and remember that when it comes to taste, to each their own. 

El Califa

tacos el califa cdmx taquerías
Photo: @elcalifa_mx

This famous taco chain has been carving its way into the hearts of capitalinos for good reason. Great quality and a menu for all tastes, from pastor to rib tacos and lots of cheese options like crateres and costras alongside tasty salsas. The atmosphere is casual and the service is fast. Perfect for a quick bite at night in a lively atmosphere.

Various locations

IG. @elcalifa_mx

El Tizoncito

tacos tizoncito cdmx taquerías
Photo: @eltizoncitomx

Open since 1966, El Tizoncito claims to be the creator of the taco al pastor. While this claim may be a stretch, the truth is that they are synonymous with quality. Consistent among the various locations, you’ll love their pastor as well as the grilled arrachera and alambres

Various locations

IG. @eltizoncitomx


tacos orinoco taquería cdmx
Photo: @taqueriaorinoco

Originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Taquería Orinoco has arrived in Mexico City to stay. Their menu is short but sweet. Simply choose between beef, chicharrón norteño, and trompo (pastor) tacos on either corn or flour tortillas. The tray of salsas are a delight, with different intensities of spiciness; the chiltepín with lime is our fav. Get there early or expect to wait in line, especially since Dua Lipa was spied eating them more than once on her Mexico tour. 

Various locations

IG. @taqueriaorinoco

Los Parados

los parados tacos taquerías cdmx
Photo: Julián Zapata

Known for their tacos al carbon, Los Parados is simply a great taqueria. No matter what you order, it’s all tasty. From their queso fundido to their trompo de arrachera, you’ll be left craving more. Go enjoy this establishment that has been serving high quality tacos for generations. 

Monterrey 333, Roma Sur, Cuauhtémoc

IG. @losparadosmx

Tacos Beto Los de Cochinada 

tacos beto los de cochinada taquerías cdmx
Photo: Marco Beteta

Tacos Beto (a.k.a. los de cochinada) are a temple for late-night diners and an institution in the Narvarte neighborhood. They are made with suadero and the “cochinada” that collects at the bottom of the pan – a mixture of fat, onions and burnt meat. It is a bombshell of flavors unique in this city. Definitely not the healthiest option, but perhaps one of the tastiest.

José María Vértiz 1028, Vértiz Narvarte, Benito Juárez

El Hidalguense

tacos el hidalguense taquerías cdmx barbacoa
Photo: @elhidalguense_restaurante

They are only open three days a week and, among their delicious offerings are escamoles (maguey worms). But the reason to go is for their barbacoa, which is unparalleled, as they raise the sheep themselves. For years El Hidalguense was the best kept secret in Roma, but a feature on Netflix’s Taco Chronicles changed that.

Campeche 155, Roma Sur, Cuauhtémoc

T. 55 5564 0538

IG. @elhidalguense_restaurante

El Borrego Viudo, the real Mexican drive-through

borrego viudo tacos taquería cdmx
Photo: Dónde Ir

The city’s night owls and foodies can agree that El Borrego Viudo is a great place for excellent tacos. A bevy of waiters stand ready in the parking lot to serve you directly in your car within seconds. Known for the quick service, quality pastor tacos, and smoky red salsa, this unique establishment is ideal for anyone in a hurry or simply craving some good tacos.

Revolución 241, Tacubaya, Miguel Hidalgo

T. 56 2034 0302

IG. @elborregoviudo 

Tacos Hola El Güero

tacos hola el guero taquerías cdmx guisado
Photo: @tacosholaelguero

Hola El Güero specializes in tacos de guisado (stewed). Located in Condesa, the long lines hint at the tempting flavors produced on their stoves. The guisados change daily and have options ranging from the traditional potato with chorizo and picadillo to their own creations. Portions are large and satisfying.

Amsterdam 135, Hipódromo, Cuauhtémoc

T. 56 1866 8923

IG. @tacosholaelguero

El Gran Abanico

Photo: Marco Beteta

Carnitas lovers, welcome to paradise. El Gran Abanico is a two-story taqueria that looks more like a cantina, but with express service so the typically long line moves pretty quickly. They offer a delicious range of grilled tacos with cecina, steak or sausage, but here, carnitas reign supreme. Any and all parts of the pig are turned into succulent taco meats. Take cash because they don’t accept credit cards. 

Gutiérrez Nájera s/n, Tránsito, Cuauhtémoc

Los Cocuyos

tacos cocuyos taquerías cdmx
Photo: @tacoscocuyos

There’s no excuse to miss out on these tacos because they are open 24/7. Yes, they’ve been featured in the Taco Chronicles and were expressly recommended by Anthony Bourdain himself, but the truth is that they are just that good, tasty, and cheap. A tiny place in the Historic Center of the city with a menu that is a real treat for those who eat offal. Giblets, head, snout, eye, tripe, cheek, and brains – it all gets used and to great results.

Simón Bolívar 59, Centro Histórico, Cuauhtémoc

T. 55 5518 4231

IG. @tacoscocuyos

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