Oh, Narvarte, you so tasty!

There are neighborhoods in this city that are very pedestrian friendly, where everything is within walking distance and strolling through them is more than a pleasant experience due to the parks, pathways, vegetation, and abundance of local businesses. Such is the case of Narvarte, its varied architecture a testimony to the changes the city has undergone since the 1940s when the lands of Hacienda Narvarte and the town of La Piedad Ahuehetlán were divided to make way for an emerging middle class. 

tacos de canasta estilos cdmx
Photo: Cocina Vital

Supposedly, the palm trees that line the main thoroughfares were placed by order of President Miguel Alemán, who had traveled to Los Angeles and wanted to replicate the feeling of Beverly Hills. Narvarte is also known for its numerous restaurants where locals and visitors go every day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a drink. Anyone who knows the area will attest to the number of good taquerias, and here we have compiled a varied selection of them for your next Narvarte taco stroll. 

Tacos Joven

Tacos joven taquerías narvarte cdmx
Photo: Tacos Joven

A great way to start a busy day, and we mean start early because they do run out. Tacos Joven is one of the best places in town for tacos de canasta (steamed tacos sold from a basket).

Universidad 199-b, Narvarte, Benito Juárez

Tacos Chelo

tacos chelo taquerías narvarte cdmx
Photo: Karlis López

While technically they are flautas drowned in a delicious green salsa, this place still warrants a mention due to the secret family recipe that has been guarded for its more than 50-year history.

Adolfo Prieto 412 F, Del Valle Norte, Benito Juárez 

El Vilsito

el vilsito taquerías narvarte cdmx
Photo: Condé Nast

A renowned representative of tacos al pastor, and a city classic that for some is an obligatory stop when visiting.

Petén 248, Narvarte, Benito Juárez

T. 55 5536 3636

IG. @tacoselvilsito

Los Primos

Photo: Miguel de la Rosa

At Los Primos you will be treated as if you are part of the family, and the tlaconetes house specialty will guarantee a return trip.

Universidad 784, Narvarte, Benito Juárez

T. 55 5519 7962

IG. @losprimostaquerianarvarte

Tacos Tony

Photo: @tacos_tony_oficial

Tacos Tony is known for their taco campechano, which combines suadero (flank) with other meats, in particular sausage and pork rind. You’ll find Tony’s version richly balanced.

Torres Adalid 1702, Narvarte, Benito Juárez

IG. @tacos_tony_oficial

Beto, los de Cochinada

Here you’ll find all the classic taco offerings – suadero, pastor, campechano. But don’t miss out on their special, the namesake “cochinada” that uses the fried meat scraped from the bottom of the pan.

José María Vértiz 1028, Narvarte, Benito Juárez 

Tacos Chepe Narvarte

Tacos Chepe Narvarte

Find a great variety of meat tacos, from cecina and longaniza to skirt steak or ribeye, at any time of day or night. Open 24 hours!

Uxmal 182, Narvarte, Benito Juárez

IG. @tacoschepe.narvarte

Gold Taco

Photo: @goldtacocdmx

For more than 20 years, Gold Taco has been offering meat-free alternatives to Mexican taco favorites tacos.

Eugenia 1562, Narvarte, Benito Juárez

T. 55 8936 0836

IG. @goldtacocdmx

Don Frank

Don Frank CDMX
Photo: Don Frank

Among their various locations you’ll find great grilled options and pastor, delicious cheesy “volcanoes”, and outstanding aguas frescas.

Torres Adalid 1353, Narvarte, Benito Juárez

T. 55 5523 9101

IG. @donfranktaquerias


Tacos manolo CDMX
Photo: Manolo

From a small street stand to two fixed locations, Manolo’s gained popularity for their – yep, you guess it – “Manolo”, a taco filled with steak, bacon, and finely chopped grilled onion. And no doubt their succulent salsas contributed to the success.

Luz Saviñón, Narvarte, Benito Juárez

T. 55 7095 8071

IG. @tacos_manolo

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